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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 44 Recap

Yang Shiqi and others gathered together to discuss the decisive battle tomorrow. At this moment, Yang Shiqi suddenly spoke, saying that there was no military report. In the event of a mishap in the decisive battle tomorrow, the stormy sea would be blown in an instant. Before the final battle, Zhu Zhanji encouraged morale in front of thebattle. The Ming Army’s momentum was soaring, the sound of the horn of the charge blew, andthe battle betweenZhu Zhanji and Mahmu started. When Zhu Zhanji are fighting on the battlefield and Wala man, Sun if the micro gave birth to a child Qizhen . On the battlefield, the Watim army was defeated by the Ming army, and Mahamu was killed by Zhu Zhanji. The Wah Wa army was defeated one after another. It also fled with the remaining Wah people first, and Zhu Zhanji won a great victory. The remaining tribes also surrendered to Zun Zhanji.

After the war, Yu Qian discovered that Zhu Zhanji was seriously injured. Zhu Zhanji asked Yu Qian not to publicize the news of his injury, and also asked Yu Qian to send rewards to the tribes of the grassland and tell them the meaning of mutual exchange, otherwise the battle will be fought in vain. Yu Qian found something from the Wah Ying camp, but seeing that Zhu Zhanji was seriously injured, he planned to wait for him to get better before showing him.

The war at the border was finally over, and Zhu Zhanji sacrificed the undead and prepared the class teacher to return to the dynasty. At this time Hu Shanxiang also gave birth to a child, the queen mother was so happy that people wrote the news in the military newspaper and told Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji returned to Beijing to worship Zhu Xi and Zhu Gaochi . Zhu Zhanji missed his father and grandpa very much. After worshiping them, Zhu Zhanji came to the queen’s palace again to greet him. After the war, the queen mother learned that Zhu Zhanji led his troops to kill the enemy himself, and rebuked Zhu Zhanji in fear. Zhu Zhanji hurriedly comforted the queen mother, saying that after the battle was over, it would be peaceful for decades, and she would not do such a risky thing in the future.

The queen mother told Zhu Zhanji to quickly handle the full moon wine for the two children, and the queen mother told him that Zhu Gaoyu ‘s old ministry was rumored to be walking. Zhu Zhanji returned to Hu Shanxiang’s palace, looked at his son, and talked about planning to set a full moon wine for the two children. Zhu Zhanji hugged Zhu Qizhen again and happily put Zhu Qizhen on his desk. Sun Ruowei also mentioned the full moon wine, Zhu Zhanji said that he already had some in his heart. When the day was set, the family would reunite together.

While Zhu Zhanji was teasing his child, Zhu Gaojiao suddenly came to Zhu Zhanji to report the melody. After Zhu Zhanji asked Sun Ruowei to leave, Zhu Gaoji whispered quietly beside Zhu Zhanji, and told Zhu Zhanji about Hu Shanxiang and Zhu Gaoji. After listening to the anger, Zhu Zhanji pushed Zhu Gaojiao to the ground. Anger geology asked him if there was any way to make Zhu Gaojiao completely disappear from this world. Zhu Zhanji came to the Zongmiao in despair and told his distress in front of Zhu Xi’s portrait. Zhu Gaojiu’s old ministry was in the middle of the dynasty, and his family and relatives were making rumors everywhere. Zhu Zhanji discovered Zhu Gaojiao’s letter of dealing with the enemy. Zhu Zhanji finally could not bear it. He started a round of cleaning campaigns, seized Zhu Gaojiao’s old part, and beheaded the enemy generals.

On Zhu Qizhen and Zhu Qiyu ‘s full moon wine, Zhu Zhanji took away the people in Hu Shanxiang’s palace, leaving Hu Shanxiang alone. Hu Shanxiang noticed something strange. At this time, Zhu Zhanji was sending someone to tell Sun Ruowei not to go to Hu Shanxiang’s palace. Sun Ruowei was a little weird. When he asked his queen mother, he realized that Zhu Zhanji also took the queen mother. Zhu Zhanji supported everyone, and questioned Hu Shanxiang separately why Zhu Gaojiu recommended her. Zhu Zhanji had been waiting for Hu Shanxiang’s explanation, but he did not expect to have an ingratitude female thief.

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