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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 43 Recap

In Hu Shanxiang’s palace, the doctor gave a good news to Hu Shanxiang. Hu Shanxiang was pregnant again with her child. Zhu Zhanji gave a family dinner. Zhu Zhanjinamed Sun Ruowei ‘s child Zhu Qizhen on the table. The town character is precious and steady, but also the foundation of the world. Hu Shanxiang listened and felt a little uncomfortable. The Empress Dowager Zhang Yan suddenly talked about Zhu Gaochi , and the child he liked so much went so early and felt a little sorry. When Hu Shanxiang saw this, he stepped forward and offered condolences, and the queen mother said nothing when she saw that she was interested. After half of the meal, Zhu Zhanji received the military report and had to deal with it.

In the evening, Sun Ruowei came to Hu Shanxiang’s dormitory. Hu Shanxiang escorted others away. Sun Ruowei asked Hu Shanxiang why he avoided it. Hu Shanxiang became more and more angry. Recalling today that Zhu Zhanji named Sun Ruowei’s baby Zhu Qizhen, he knew Zhu Zhanji still cares most about Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei wants to clear up the misunderstanding with Hu Shanxiang and even let Hu Shanxiang stop being stupid. The sisters should meet frankly. Hu Shanxiang said that he had no opinion on Sun Ruowei, but he did not like Sun Ruowei’s children. Sun Ruowei thought that Hu Shanxiang was overly aggressive, and turned away with anger. Hu Shanxiang recalled what Hu Shangyi had said. People on both sides of the river really had their own concerns.

Ju Sui late at night to visit Zhu Zhanji, Zhu Sui buy high intelligence, only to find Gaoxu and Mahmud had colluded together, which led to Zhu Di defeat, and had to pay Gaoxu fed Jing Nan orphans thing, Ju Sui also told Zhu Zhanji, Zhu Zhanji pulled Zhu Gaojiao together to face Zhu Gaojiao. Zhu Gaoyuan had already visited the Han Palace in the middle of the night after Zhu Zhanji, and he called the Princess Han in advance to arrange the events behind him. Princess Han believes that there is still a chance to turn around, but Zhu Gaojiu believes that even if she is the emperor, she will cut the roots of Zhu Zhanji’s family.

When Zhu Zhanji positive momentum rushing rushed to the Han palace, Yang Shiqi and Yu Qian , who hurried to find Zhu Zhanji, the military handed over to Zhu Zhanji Emergency, Wala said that the Ministry of invasion. Zhu Gaoji encouraged him, and Zhu Zhanji was in a dilemma. At this time, Yang Shiqi requested Zhu Zhanji to move immediately. Zhu Zhanji was forced to help, and eventually chose to avenge Zhu Xi first. However, Zhu Zhanji said that the country was humiliated and foreign enemies invaded him. Then he was a general. When he returns in triumph, he will be able to write a perfect period in history.

Before the expedition, Zhu Zhanji came to visit Hu Shanxiang. Zhu Zanji was worried that Hu Shanxiang was hurt by the last child, and repeatedly told her to take care of herself. Hu Shanxiang was relieved that Zhu Zhanji was worried that she was being bullied, so she ordered her to write a deal to him in the face of frustration, and decided to preside over her justice. Later, Zhu Zhanji came to visit Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei told Zhu Zhanji to take care. He also said that if he was a man, he would go to the battlefield with Zhu Zhanji. Sun Ruowei was afraid that Zhu Zhanji would not return. Zhu Qizhen left a sentence. Zhu Zhanji claimed that he was a person who valued state affairs more than anything, and then Zhu Zhanji turned his head and left.

Zhu Zhanji sent someone to the Han Palace to pass the decree, temporarily lifted Zhu Gaojiong’s trap, and rewarded a lot of things, let Zhu Gaojiu spare military aircraft, Zhu Gaojiu heard the intention in the room to check out, and gave Zhu Zhanji to himself After taking the jade fingers, he returned to the room silently. Zhu Gaoxi’s former ministry heard that Zhu Gaoxi was lifted and came to condolences. Zhu Gaoyuan not only disappeared, he also tried to keep them out.

The army led by Zhu Zhanji and the army of Mahamu began to confront each other. Zhu Zhanji ordered the former army to bite the tile division and force the main force of Mahamu to come out. When Mahamu saw that the situation was not good, he pulled the former army Came back and ordered to retreat fifty miles. Zhu Zhanji looked at the map and asked where Yu Qian Ma Mamu would hide the main force. Yu Qian did not answer, but only said that some people in the DPRK had turned in the hope that Zhu Zhanji could withdraw. Zhu Zhanji instructed Yu Qian to write a letter to Wu The sweat of Liang Ha and Gao Mi told them that this battle was fought for mutual market.

As long as they did not obstruct the mutual market and plunder the border, they would withdraw their troops, but Maham is different, and Maham is very ambitious. For the security of the frontier, Zhu Zhanji was determined to kill Mahmud. Yu Qian believes that there is no need to go to battle for Zhu Zhanji in the presence of the Shenji Battalion and the Red Cannon. Zhu Zhanji was unwilling to lose another soldier and one horse, and insisted on going to kill the enemy, which was recognized by the Cangtian people. Zhu Zhanji knelt in one place and vowed to be a stand between Zhu Gaochi and Zhu Xi. He was bound to not lose to Mahmu or to them. On the other side, Mahmud took to also pray for victory over the Ming army, crossed the Great Wall.

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