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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 42 Recap

Zhu Zanji was looking at Daming’s maritime chart. Sun Ruowei saw that Zhu Zanji was happy, and asked Zhu Zhanji to lift Hu Shanxiang ‘s ban. Zhu Zanji said that he hated that Hu Shanxiang did not tell himself about the small labor. Sun Ruowei hurriedly Pleading for Hu Shanxiang, Zhu Zhanji wondered why Sun Ruowei was so protective of Hu Shanxiang, and also proposed that after the abolition, Sun Ruowei persuaded, Zhu Zhanji finally let go and raised Sun Ruowei and Xu Bin to say goodbye. Zhu Zhanji conveyed his will and let Hu Shanxiang see him. Hu Shanxiang confessed to Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji solved her cloak and asked if she really regretted it.

Hu Shanxiang confessed to him sincerely, and Zhu Zhanji lingered with her.
Xu Bin came to bid farewell to Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei tried to persuade him to stay, but Xu Bin was determined and left. Xu Bin promised Zhu Zhanji that as long as Zhu Zhanji did not die, he would return. After Xu Bin bid farewell to Sun Ruowei, he was ready to leave. Sun Ruowei stepped forward to stop and told Xu Bin that the last time the two said they would go to sea together, but now they are parting ways. Sun Ruowei wanted to retain Xu Bin, but Xu Bin said that Zhu Zhanji’s heart can settle only if he left alone; on the contrary, only when he left himself could his heart be stabilized.

Together, Zhu Gaojiu smashed the Han palace, and Princess Han tried to persuade Zhu Gaojiu to surrender to Zhu Zhanji. As soon as Zhu Gaojiang heard it, he became angry, and became more angry. Hu Shanxiang came to Huang Liangguan to pray for Hu Shangyi. When the Taoist leader saw that her heart was heavy, she said to her. The Minister Tao saw that she had nostalgia for the deceased person, and intended to overdo it for her, but Hu Shanxiang wept without knowing Hu Shangyi’s age or birthday. Zhu Zhanji learned from the queen queen Zhang Yan that Sun Ruowei was pregnant and couldn’t wait to visit her. Zhu Zhanji came to Sun Ruowei’s house and saw her ill, and came forward to condolences. Sun Ruowei was worried that taking the medicine would not be good for the baby, so he decided to rest in bed. Zhu Zanji blame Sun Ruowei for not promptly notifying him, but he couldn’t bear to see her suffer. Zhu Zhanji ordered Sun Ruowei to take good care of their children, and he will be named for his son in the future.

Late at night, Yang Shiqi , who come to Yu Qian , Yu Qian bewildered. Yang Shiqi told King Yu Qianhan that he had fasted for four days, fearing that Zhu Gaojiao fasted and committed suicide. At the court, Yu Qian and others asked Zhu Zhanji to lift Zhu Gaojiao’s ban. Zhu Zhanji was very dissatisfied and dragged them out to the board in public.

Zhu Zhanji came to the Han Palace to visit Zhu Gaojiu. At this time, Zhu Gaojiu was scolding Zhu Zhanji in the house. The Princess Han and others left, and the Han king forced him into the house. Zhu Zhanma asked Zhu Gaoyu why he was fasting. Zhu Gaoyu was dissatisfied with the ban and had to mutter in the room day and night. Zhu Zhanji felt so distressed that Zhu Gaojiao was so decadent. Zhu Zhanji tried to persuade Zhu Gaozhen to cheer up, hoping to have a conclusion with him. Zhu Gaojiu is not afraid of beheading or death, but only hopes to know the truth before he dies. Zhu Gaoji repeatedly questioned Zhu Zhanji. As long as Zhu Zhanji did not hide anything from him and told the whole thing, he agreed to plead guilty.

Zhu Zhanji was forced to helplessly and had to tell Zhu Gaojiao the truth, but he was in the trick of Zhu Gaojiao. When Zhu Zhanji was so angry that his sword was about to be slashed at Zhu Gaojiao, Zhu Gaojiong suddenly urinated, Zhu Zhanji had mixed tastes in his heart, and finally banned him.
Sun Ruowei has always been pregnant and often chats with Empress Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan talked to Sun Ruowei about the queen’s illness, Sun Ruowei helped Hu Shanxiang make a siege, and Zhang Yan said nothing. At this moment Zhang Yan looked at the little eunuch outside the door and walked towards him. The eunuch secretly told Zhang Yan and Zhu Zhanji that he admitted to the rebellion and was frightened.

Zhu Gaoxi came to visit Zhu Zhanji again, and Zhu Zhanji ordered him to reveal Zhu Gaoji’s evidence, but Zhu Gaoji repeatedly asked Zhu Zhanji to give him more time. Zhu Zhanji was intolerable. If Zhu Gaojiu was not willing to do his job in Beizhen, he would find another door for him in the court, and even choose the position of the fan at will, and he would never lose him. Zhu Gaojiu was not moved. Zhu Zhanji felt that he had no time. Zhu Gaojiu even drove him to a dead end. Only by eradicating the scourge of Zhu Gaojiu as early as possible can he live a life of peace. After Zhu Gaojiu left from Zhu Zhanji, he came to the palace of the Han Dynasty to visit Zhu Gaojiu. He did not forget to prepare drinks for him and talked for a night.

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