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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 40 Recap

After Princess Han and Princess Zhao knew that Zhu Zhanji had won the battle, they approached the queen mother to plead. Princess Zhao was worried that the queen would not let them go, but Princess Han said that if she was forced, The news came out. Princess Han and Princess Zhao were talking, and when they saw the queen queen came out, they turned to a weeping face and complained to the queen queen.

The queen mother knew what Princess Han and Princess Zhao were doing, and told them that as long as Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu stopped making trouble, Zhu Zhanji would not kill their relatives. The queen queen was about to leave, and Princess Han and Princess Zhao had to make an inch. They also wanted the queen mother to promise Zhu Gaoyu to go to Fanfan. The queen mother said that if it wasn’t for Zhu Gaojiao and the two of them were pressing tight, the emperor’s seat could be given to them, but Zhu Gaojia was because Zhu Gaojiao and the two of them artificially destroyed their bodies. The queen mother rebuked a few words and stopped listening to the two of them to justify and went away.

Zhu Gaoji was brought to Zhu Zhanji by Fan Zhong, who asked Fan Zhong to loosen Zhu Gaoji. Knowing that Zhu Zhanji would not rest assured that he was alive in the world, Zhu Gaozhi let Zhu Zhanji kill himself and plead for the generals who followed him. However, Zhu Zhanji said that after returning to Beijing, Zhu Gaojiao went to worship at the Zongmiao Temple. He deeply regretted that he would also write a copy of his own sin. Zhu Gaojiao laughed and laughed at Zhu Zhanji in exactly the same tone as Zhu Gaochi. However, Zhu Zhanji said that until Zhu Gaochi died, he did not know the significance of what Zhu Gaochi did at the time. Even Zhu Xi couldn’t figure out a way to win Zhu Gaochi, but it only took eight months for Zhu Gaochi to disintegrate Zhu Gaochi’s foundation. .

Zhu Gaozao lamented that neither he nor Zhu Zhanji had fought against Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Zhanji told Zhu Gaojiao that Zhu Gaojiao had surrendered and would be visible after returning to Beijing. He did not kill Zhu Gaojiao, but only to keep his promise to Zhu Xi and Zhu Gaochi. If Zhu Gaojiu insists on committing suicide, he will erase Zhu Gaojiu from his family tree. Yu Qian sent Zhu Gaoyu back to the Han Palace. Yu Qian read the decree of Zhu Zhanji, and let Yu Qian accompany Zhu Gaoyu to read. Zhu Gaojiao returned to the room and found that Zhu Gaojiao was also in his room. Zhu Gaoxi told him that he was also banned forever, and Zhu Zhanji asked Zhu Gaoji to persuade Zhu Gaoji. As long as Zhu Gaojiao can go to the Zongmiao Temple to admit his mistakes and explain to the princes everywhere, when they had a stunned hall, Zhu Zhanji could send Nanjing for the two of them and find a manor for the elderly. Zhu Gaojiao decided to obey, but Zhu Gaojiao still gave up, saying that the two of them still had the opportunity to encourage Zhu Gaojiao to join himself.

Zhu Zhanji canceled the He Jie ceremony, and asked the queen mother to tell Princess Han and Princess Zhao that Zhu Gaoyu would retain the title of both of them, but he would be banned for life. The queen mother told Zhu Zhanji, and Zhang Kejian told himself that rumors and rumors about Zhu Zhanji were circulating in the market. Zhang Kejian asked the queen mother to help and wanted to be a tax officer at Chaoyangmen, but Zhu Zhanji said he would do another job for him. Hu Shanxiang and Sun Ruowei were awakened by the knock on the door of the doctor, and Hu Shanxiang was terrified and did not want to let the doctor enter the door. Hu Shanxiang asked Ange, and Sun Ruowei told her that Ange had committed suicide. He didn’t speak up and asked someone to bury Ange quietly.

Hu Shanxiang regretted that he had been such a good person in his life, and this time he relaxed his vigilance and was let into by an anguish, harming his child. Sun Ruowei said that it was difficult for Taiyi to save Hu Shanxiang’s life yesterday, but Hu Shanxiang was excited, thinking that Sun Ruowei was jealous that he had a child, and deliberately made Taiyi not save his child. Angry, but knowing that Hu Shanxiang was overly sad, he didn’t say anything, just hugged Hu Shanxiang to comfort him. Hu Shanxiang calmed down and asked Sun Ruowei who else knew what happened last night. Sun Ruowei told her that yesterday’s body was handled by Ye Qiu. Hu Shanxiang asked Sun Ruowei to give Ye Qiu some silver and let Ye Qiu go home.

The doctor at the door made him swear confidentiality, and Hu Shanxiang made Sun Ruowei swear to keep his mouth shut. Zhu Zhanji visited Sun Ruowei again, and Sun Ruowei hurriedly asked Ye Qiu to prepare lunch. Zhu Zhanji wanted to call Hu Shanxiang over for dinner, and Sun Ruowei quickly stopped him, saying that Hu Shanxiang had a cold and that the Taiyi had let her rest. Zhu Zhanji no longer asked, and complained with Sun Ruowei about Zhang Kejian, and asked Sun Ruowei to visit Hu Shanxiang for himself.

In Hu Shanxiang’s room, Hu Shanxiang was asking the Taiyi about the concubine concubine. The Taiyi said that he had prepared a case for Hu Shanxiang, and said that Hu Shanxiang was working because of Zhu Zhanji’s war and his body was dysfunctional. However, Hu Shanxiang said that this false pulse case could not hide Zhu Zhanji. Hu Shanxiang asked Taiyi to think of a way out. Sun Ruowei secretly came to Hu Shanxiang’s room, told Zhu Zhanji that he was back, and asked her if she wanted to tell Zhu Zhanji. However, Hu Shanxiang said that he had arranged it properly, as long as Sun Ruowei helped himself to hide for a few more days, Sun Ruowei wondered what Hu Shanxiang was going to do. Hu Shanxiang said he plans to find a man to help him get pregnant again within a few days. Sun Ruowei was frightened, very opposed, and told Hu Shanxiang that he would not let Zhu Zhanji hurt her, so he punished Hu Shanxiang for doing something wrong.

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