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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 39 Recap

In the middle of the night, Zhu Gaojiu led a surprise attack on Zhu Zhanji . Fortunately, Zhu Gaochi entrusted Zhu Zanji with a dream, and Zhu Zhanji woke up. Fan Zhong guards Zhu Zhanji and leaves, but Zhu Gaojiu keeps up with it and shoots Zhu Zhanji with an arrow. Zhu Zhanji and Zhu Gaojiang met with each other shorthanded, and close combat hand in hand with Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Gaoji asked what Zhu Zhanji had said when his emperor died, Zhu Zanji intentionally concealed it, Zhu Gaoji relented, and scolded Zhu Zhanji for his entire life was destroyed by Zhu Xi. When he was young, Zhu Xi treated him as a dog and grew up He also wooed him to seek power and usurped him, and warned him to be an emperor without fear of death.

Today Zhu Gaojiu lived to the present with Zhu Xi’s saying, but found nothing. Zhu Zhanji repeatedly told Zhu Gaojiao not to rebel, so they would still be a family. Zhu Gaoyuan knew that he would always be old and faint, and he did not want to wait until he could get nothing in the future, so he decided to fight for some now. When Zhu Gaojie stepped on Zhu Zhanji and was about to kill Zhu Zhanji, an arrow shot at Zhu Gaoji, Fan Zhong rushed with his army, Zhu Gaoji failed, and he left.

In the palace, Ange brought Hu Shangyi to Hu Shanxiang . Hu Shangyi was very indifferent to Hu Shanxiang, but Hu Shanxiang let Hu Shangyi sit beside him and let Hu Shangyi touch the child in her belly. Hu Shanxiang persuaded Hu Shangyi to talk about it with Hu Shangyi. Hu Shanxiang advised Hu Shangyi to make peace with her children. Hu Shangyi sighed, and unfortunately she couldn’t bring anything to the child. Hu Shanxiang leaned gently on Hu Shangyi’s body without speaking. In the barracks, each general was guessing how Zhu Zhanji would deal with the enemy. General Zhu Zhanji summoned the tent into the tent. While questioning the general, Fan Zhong took the letter from Zhu Jinji, who was intercepted by the general in Jinan City, to Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji was ashamed, because the disputes of the Zhu family had caused a suspicion among the generals.

Zhu Zhanji threw the letter into the fire and told the generals that they could continue to write the letter, but hoped that they would tell their relatives and friends in the letter that those who voted sincerely would be rewarded, those who were solitary would be heavily punished, and the rest were not guilty. Zhu Zhanji also ordered the camp to be pulled back twenty miles. After the generals had left, Zhu Zhanji quickly rummaged in the fire with a bow and arrow. Zhu Zhanji acted generously in front of the generals, but still wanted to know who had betrayed himself. Yu Qian was brought to Zhu Gaoyu, and Yu Qian heard Zhu Zhanji’s conviction. Zhu Zhanji persuaded that as long as Zhu Gaoyu could give up the fight, the title of Wang Ye would be reserved for them. Zhu Zhanji also asked Zhu Gaojiao to bring Yang Shiqi to Yu Qian and bring it back. After Zhu Gaojiao heard the letter, the joke started from Yu Qian, and Yu Qian was also detained.

Zhu Gaojiu came to the King of Chu. In the past few days, the king of Chu avoided seeing and angered Zhu Gaojiu. Zhu Gaojiu asked the king to surrender the army, and threatened that if he did not surrender, he and Zhu Gaojiu would attack the king of Chu. King Chu smiled, saying that Zhu Zhanji had long guessed that Zhu Gaoyu would say so. Zhu Gaoxi was wondering, and Xu Bin came out from behind the screen, persuading Zhu Gaoji to surrender. Suddenly, more than a dozen soldiers surrounded Zhu Gaojiao, and Xu Bin told Zhu Gaojiao that Zhu Zhanji is not yet at war, just to remember his brotherhood and to follow Zhu Gaochi’s last wish. Xu Bin told Zhu Gaojiao that within ten days, Zhu Zhanji would win this battle.
Zhu Gaoji never expected that he would be calculated by King Chu and Zhu Zhanji. He was very reconciled, but he could only be imprisoned in King Chu’s palace.

Zhu Zhanji and Zhu Gaojiu each faced an army confrontation. Zhu Gaoji ordered a battle. After his soldiers rushed to Zhu Zanji’s army, not only did he not fight with Zhu Zanji’s army, the generals who led the army also kneeled in front of Zhu Zanji to plead guilty. Zhu Zhanji kept his promise, because they surrendered to the front, and they were saved from their sins. Zhu Gaoxi was surprised, at this time Zhu Zhanji rushed towards Zhu Gaoji again with a battle flag. The two generals next to Zhu Gaoyu also persuaded that he wanted Zhu Gaoyu to surrender and had no intention to fight again.
Zhu Gaojiu still stubbornly raised his knife to rush towards Zhu Zhanji, but was held down by the generals around him. Zhu Zhanji persuaded Zhu Gaojiong’s army in the army, and promised that he would never pursue any accountability as long as he gave up resistance. Zhu Gaojiu’s soldiers surrendered one after another.

This battle was won by Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji sent a message to Hu Shanxiang, cared about Hu Shanxiang’s body, and also gave birth protection medicine and wine to Hu Shanxiang. Hu Shanxiang was so happy that Zhu Zhanji wanted to set up his own child for the prince, and even called Sun Ruowei to accompany him to drink in the middle of the night . Hu Shanxiang was sighed and said that Zhu Zhanji would be persuaded to pursue his parents in the future. She once told Sun Ruowei that in the future, the Zhu family would occupy half of its family. Today, he achieved his wish, and Hu Shanxiang was so proud that he drove Sun Ruowei to celebrate.

Hu Shanxiang sprinkled wine on the ground to sacrifice his parents, and Ange suddenly pushed Hu Shanxiang from behind. Hu Shanxiang rolled down the stairs and started bleeding. Sun Ruowei wondered why Ange pushed Hu Shanxiang downstairs. It turned out that Ange knew that her sister’s heartbrow was caused by Hu Shanxiang, and she pushed Hu Shanxiang to avenge her. After saying the reason, Ange went straight upstairs and committed suicide.

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