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Under The Power (2019) 锦衣之下 Episode 22 Recap

Yuan Jinxia returned to the room and took care of Lu Yi lying on the bed, but Lu Yi dreamed about Yuan Jinxia in her sleep, and tightly grasped Yuan Jinxia’s hand. Yuan Jinxia saw that Lu Yi’s condition became more serious, so he wanted to go to Doctor Lin to see Lu Yi for medical treatment. Soon after, she came outside and found that Doctor Lin was going to collect medicine. In order to please her, she offered to ask her to help her to collect medicine.

Yuan Jinxia and Doctor Lin came to the forest and were ready to collect medicine. At this time, a group of snakes crawled towards Yuan Jinxia, ​​and Yuan Jinxia yelled immediately. Doctor Lin waved his hands calmly, so that all the snakes were removed. It turned out that the snakes were all raised by Doctor Lin. Yuan returned to the house this summer to make medicine with Doctor Lin. On the other end, Yang Yue, with Xie Xiao and Shang Guanxi , discovered the marks left by Yuan Jinxia on the ground, and soon came towards Yuan Jinxia. Yuan Jinxia worked hard to help Dr. Lin, and helped her to get back some spring water and help her to make medicine. Looking at Yuan Yanxia’s stubborn look, Doctor Lin couldn’t help but sigh, she really looked like a person she knew before.

Yuan Jinxia returned to the room and found that Lu Yi’s illness had become more and more serious. She asked Doctor Lin to see Lu Yi quickly. Doctor Lin gave Lu Yi a look and found that Lu Yi was about to die. She ordered Yuan This summer, go back to the woods to catch a few snakes. Soon after, Doctor Lin discovered a document on Lu Yi’s body, and then learned that Lu Yi was Jin Yiwei’s identity. At this time, her thoughts could not help but return to the past. It turned out that Dr. Lin was the daughter of a government official, and her father was captured by Jin Yiwei.

Following the signs, Yang Yue and others found Uncle Beggar all the way, begging to meet Lu Yi and Yuan Jinxia, ​​but Uncle Begger obstructed them and said that they did not want them to disturb Dr. Lin’s cleanliness. Heading towards him, Dr. Lin hurried. Yuan Jinxia returned to the house, and Doctor Lin took a bite of Lu Yi’s wound with the snake she caught. Soon after, she said that she would use a viper to bite her body and make an antidote. It is likely that Yuan Jinxia will die for this.

Doctor Lin took out a golden poisonous snake and asked Yuan Jinxia to accept its bite. Although Yuan Jinxia regretted her life, she thought that Lu Yi had saved herself many times before. Thanks, she decided to accept Snake bites. On the other end, Yang Yue and others were walking in the forest. Xie Xiao couldn’t stand the harassment of the snake group, so he wanted to set a fire to burn the forest. Doctor Lin came to the forest and saw Yang Yue and others. After seeing her, Uncle Begger hurriedly hid behind a tree. Doctor Lin soon saw him and came to the tree and said, why didn’t he hide from himself. Uncle Beg said bluntly, in fact, he has always wanted to see her all these years, but he did not do so.

Yuan Jinxia chatted with Doctor Lin and others. Doctor Lin knew at this time that the poison in Lu Yi’s body was made by Uncle Beggar, and she couldn’t help angrily picking up Uncle Beggar’s clothes and taking him Go inside the room.

In the room, Dr. Lin complained to Uncle Beggar that he should not bring Landing Yi to wait for someone to cause himself trouble. Uncle Beg had to explain to her. It turned out that many years ago, Uncle Beggar and Doctor Lin were a pair of brothers and sisters in the same school. Uncle Beggar’s ability to make poison is unparalleled in the world, and Doctor Lin’s detoxification ability is unmatched. They once made a bet that if Uncle Beggar could To produce a poison that even Doctor Lin cannot solve, then Doctor Lin must promise to marry Uncle Beggar. Later, after Uncle Beggar took out the poison system of blue jade, he was proud of it, and wanted to use it to win the bet with Doctor Lin. However, later Mao Haifeng used it and used it to deal with Lu Yi.

Yuan Jinxia let her body accept the bite of the golden poisonous snake. After experiencing some risks, Doctor Lin finally obtained a bowl of antidote from her body. Uncle Beg accompanied Yuan Jinxia and came to the house with the antidote, trying to get Lu Yi to take it, but Lu Yi was dizzy because of his illness, so he couldn’t drink the antidote that Yuan Jinxia fed. Uncle Beg then suggested to Yuan Jinxia that she would face to mouth and help Lu Yi drink the antidote.

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