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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 6 Recap

Zhao Zhejiang sends someone to prevent Yin Shili from leaving North Korea

Pyongyang. Gu Shengjun was very happy after seeing Yin Shili , thinking that as long as he controlled it, he could be safe. But as soon as he tried to pull Yin Shili back to the room, he was seen by Lee Jung Hyuk . When Lee Jung Hyuk saw Gu Shengjun holding Yin Shili’s hand, his face showed an unpleasant look, and without a word he pressed him against the wall and searched out his credentials. Yin Shili saw the two men stretched out and hurriedly explained that Lee Jung Hyuk was his bodyguard. Although Lee Jung Hyuk was a little dissatisfied, he did not refute Yin Shili’s face. It was just that Gu Seung Joon was constantly courting and provoking Yin Shili, but Lee Jung Hyuk was still very dissatisfied.

Li Zhenghe asked about Gu Shengjun’s identity, and Yin Shili explained his family relationship by the way. In Yin Shili’s opinion, a wealthy family like himself has no family relationship at all, maybe his brother is happy because of his death. Lee Jung-hye scoffed at this statement, instead thinking that she would think so because she didn’t know enough about her family and didn’t have deep feelings for her family. Just when Yin Shili was lost in thought, Xu Dan’s friends accidentally saw the two of them, and hurriedly told the integration mother Xu Dan to make hair together. Although Xu Dan didn’t say anything on her mouth, she still had an unpleasant look on her face after hanging up the phone. She went to the Pyongyang hotel without finishing her hair and asked her mother to ask Lee Jung-hyuk’s parents to have dinner together.

On the other side, Gu Shengjun was taken to the rooftop by Yin Shili’s second brother to give him a hard lesson. In order to save his life, Gu Shengjun could only tell the other party that Yin Shili was alive. After Lee Jung-hyok took Yin Shili back to the room, he found several eavesdropping devices in the room. After seeing it, Yin Shili was even more worried about whether she could go abroad smoothly, and she proposed that she wanted to return to China through the fateful Ji Shengjun. Who knew that Lee Jung Hyuk was instantly excited when he heard that, and somehow shouted that he was the one who had more fate with her. Yin Shili did not expect that Mu Zheng’s Li Zhenghe would say these words, and he couldn’t help but laugh at him with some funny jokes, making him nervous.

After Li Zhenghe finally got out of Yin Shili’s joke and left the room, Xu Dan blocked the door and arrested them. Xu Dan saw that his fiance and Yin Shili came out of a room with a very ugly look on his face. He did not give face to Li Zheng Hera in the room, and implicitly threatened him to eat with his parents at night on the grounds of this incident. . In the evening, Li Zhenghe accompanied Xu Dan and his parents to dinner. Mother Xu felt that the Li family was intentionally delaying the marriage of the two children, and was a little bit dissatisfied, so she constantly put pressure on Li Zhenghe’s parents during the dinner. Although Lee Jung Hyuk’s parents were a little dissatisfied with the temperament of the upstart family on Mother Xu, they promised to hold a wedding for the two next month.

When Xu Dan went to the bathroom, she met Yin Shili, taunting her about drinking coffee with other men, and telling her about her and Li Zhenghe’s upcoming marriage. Yin Shili had an unnatural look on her face after listening, and hurriedly stabilized her emotions and pretended not to care.
After eating, Li Zhenghe just sent Xu Dan and Xu’s mother to the car and left, and saw Yin Shili and Gu Shengjun walking towards the hotel. I don’t know if he was jealous because of worry, Li Zhenghe hurriedly chased after the two of them and took Yin Shili back with him. After Gu Shengjun left, Li Zhenghe accused Yin Shili of leaving her sight, so she could not protect her well. Yin Shili felt Li Zhenghe’s concern and pulled him to take himself to drink and eat.

While eating, the first snow of the year suddenly began to fall outside. What Li Zhenghe didn’t expect was that Drunk Yin Shili saw Chu Xue and even leaned on his shoulder to express his own heart suddenly. The sudden confession of Yin Shili made Li Zhenghe panic, and he was stiff and didn’t know how to respond. After returning to the village, Yin Shili told Mrs. Yingai and others about her upcoming departure. Everyone thought that she was leaving because of Xu Dan’s existence, and her face showed a regretful look. What Yin Shili didn’t know was that Zhao Zhejiang, who was in confinement, used the evidence left by senior officials in his daily routine to force high-level officials to let him go without saying, and also knew Yin Shili’s true identity from Gu Shengjun. Gu Shengjun just received the order from Yin Shili’s elder brother to leave Yin Shili in North Korea. So I heard that Yin Shili was about to leave North Korea, and hurriedly asked Zhao Zhejiang to stop her. When Zhao Zhejiang saw Qian open his eyes, he simply agreed.

Because Yin Shili was about to leave, although Jin Yintong and the other four felt that she had caused a lot of trouble to their officers, they accompanied her to a picnic by the river as a parting gift to her. Yin Shili looked at the kind and upright four people in order to get into the water and fish for themselves, and felt very warm in her heart. Lee Jung Hyuk stood aside from a distance, listening to the singing of several people, his face was very complicated.

In the evening, Lee Jung Hyuk sent Yin Shili to the car. In the face of the parting, Yin Shili’s expression was very reluctant, and she couldn’t help crying. But before she arrived at the airport, the people arranged by Zhao Zhejiang drove up two big cars and tried to kill her. In a critical moment, thanks to Lee Jung-hye’s timely arrival, she was rescued despite the danger. But before the two were relieved, the surviving enemy fired a shot at them. Li Zhenghe blocked the bullet to protect Yin Shili, and his face fell pale into her arms.

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