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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 5 Recap

Korea. Yin Shili stood panicked on the bustling street. When she saw Li Zhenghe walking towards her with a fragrance candle cup, she felt an unprecedented touch, and tears slowly filled her eyes. When she went back, Yin Shili kept telling Li Zhenghe about her feelings at that moment, and she teased him that he had good love skills. Listening to her words, Lee Jung Hyuk recalled the way her comrades told the Korean women about their love, and couldn’t help worrying about whether she liked her and hurriedly told her that she had a fiancee. Yin Shili, who was immersed in emotion, listened to what Li Zhenghe thought of her self-righteousness, felt that she had been insulted, and fluently clarified that she had no slight affection for him, emphasizing that there were many men in Korea waiting for her to return.

On the other side, Xu Dan, who had been contracted, came to the village and waited for Li Zhenghe. The women in the same village heard that she turned out to be Lee Jung Hyuk’s fiancee, with a shocked expression on her face. Because in their view, Lee Jung Hyuk already has a fiancee, Yin Shili.
Li Zhenghe, who was not informed, was persuading Yin Shili not to worry about the exposure of the false relationship between the two. Turning around, she saw that the incident should be at the doorstep of Xu Dan in Russia, and her face was very wonderful. When Xu Dan saw Yin Shili next to her fiance, her expression grew dark.

Li Zhenghe hurriedly explained his relationship with Yin Shili and wanted to drive Xu Dan back. Yin Shili on one side was going to help explain, but after hearing that Lee Jung Hyuk was just an ordinary mission partner, there was no trace of loss after the mission, and there was still a hint of loss in her face. Fortunately, she quickly adjusted her emotions and explained in accordance with Li Zhenghe’s words, trying to dispel Xu Dan’s suspicion.
Although Xu Dan didn’t say anything, she could see what Li Zhenghe carelessly showed about Yin Shili’s concern, but she realized something.

On the way back, Xu Dan emphasized the relationship between the two to Li Zhenghe, reminding him that the two would eventually get married.
Late at night, Xu Dan’s mother, who received the call in advance, sent her brother downstairs, asking him to take Li Zheng Hera home as a guest anyway. Seeing the prospective son-in-law who had not seen her for many years, Mother Xu was very happy and warmly invited Li Zhenghe to have a “dinner”. During the feast, Mother Xu constantly and tactfully urged Li Zhenghe and Xu Dan to marry. But Lee Jung Hyuk kept looking down at his watch, worried that Yin Shili, who was alone at home, would be in danger.

At the same time, Yin Shili, who was alone at home, was holding a book and couldn’t see it anymore. When she heard a little noise, she ran to the door to check. She kept expecting that Lee Jung Hyuk could come back soon. But she waited for the aunts in the village. It turned out that Xu Dan’s existence had spread in the village. The aunts thought that Yin Shili was a poor woman deceived by Lee Jung Hyuk. Under the leadership of Ms. Ying Ai, she brought drinks and snacks to accompany her to drink and relieve boredom, which made Yin Shili cry and laugh.

The next day, after unknowingly returning from his parents’ home, Lee Jung Hyuk saw Yin Shili staring hostilely. Yin Shili thought Li Zhenghe was staying at Xu Dan’s house and was very bad. He didn’t rush to apologize until Li Zhenghe explained that he was looking for a way to help her return to South Korea. It turned out that Li Zhenghe returned to his parents’ home after leaving Xu Dan’s home, and as a condition to marry Xu Dan as soon as possible, he won a place for Yin Shili to participate in the Games with the group.

However, just as Yin Shili changed her dress and applied for a passport, Li Zhenghe’s plan had been monitored by Zhao Zhejiang of the Security Division. Zhao Zhejiang asked the members of the Security Division to capture the attributes of four Lee Jeong-he, including Park Guangfan and Jin Yintong, and wanted them to explain the relationship between Li Zhenghe and Yin Shili. But the four populations are the same, and they are unwilling to disclose the slightest. Seeing that they were about to be tortured by Zhao Zhejiang who was furious, Li Zhenghe finally arrived in time and used the relationship to cause Zhao Zhejiang a big trouble.

A few days later, Lee Jung Hyuk took Yin Shili to Pyongyang to take a passport photo. Yin Shili is worried that after she disappears from Europe, she will have trouble and cause trouble for Lee Jung Hyuk. Lee Jung Hyuk concealed the agreement for independent responsibility with his father and lied that he would not have any trouble.

On the road, the train had to stay halfway for more than ten hours because of a power outage. Yin Shili had not encountered such a thing, and seemed a little panicked. However, under the careful care of Lee Jung Hyuk, I still felt that roasting corn on the grass was a very good experience. The two sat around the campfire and talked about the past and the future. Yin Shili sincerely hoped that Lee Jung Hyuk would have a happy life after leaving.

The next day, the train arrived in Pyongyang. Li Zhenghe took Yin Shili to the First Hotel in Pyongyang and took her passport photo. Yin Shili proposed to take a photo with Li Zhenghe as a commemoration, but he suddenly said with some indifference that the two did not need to take the slightest memory. Yin Shili pretended to accept his statement with ease, but he turned sad after he turned around. On the other side, Gu Shengjun arrived at the First Hotel in Pyongyang in the same van. When he found out that his assistant had secretly provided information to the South Korean side, a nervous expression appeared on his face. But before he waited for less measures, he accidentally saw Yin Shili who had taken the picture.

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