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Under The Power (2019) 锦衣之下 Episode 21 Recap

Yuan Jinxia received thehintfrom Lu Yi , knowing that he and Uncle Beggar had already untied the ropes onhishands, he suddenly launched a hard time for Mao Haifeng, and ran away with his own landing.

Yuan Jinxia hid Lu Yi, who was physically weak due to the attack of an arrow injury, and hid in a grass, and left. On the other end, Uncle Beggar was desperately avoiding the pursuit of pirates in the woods. After Yuan Jinxia successfully deceived a group of pirates, he returned to the grass and helped Lu Yi to help out. Soon after, she led a landing and fled to a cliff. At this moment, Mao Haifeng led people to surround them, and he again asked Yuan Jinxia to draw a hand-drawn drawing. Lu Yi, unwilling to be persecuted by him, took Yuan Jinxia himself and jumped into the cliff next to him. Just then, Yang Yue , Xie Xiao, and others rushed in and engaged in battle with Mao Haifeng.

Lu Yi grabbed a rattan in the air, holding Yuan Jinxia in his other hand, and gradually lost some physical strength. At last, he closed his eyes and decided to let go and let the gods decide. Fate arrangements. What surprised him and Yuan Jinxia in the end was that they fell into a safe place. On the other end, Yang Yue and Xie Xiao fleeed Mao Haifeng, and Uncle Beggar just repelled the pirates chasing himself in the woods. Later, Uncle Beggar came to the water’s edge and saw Lu Yi and Yuan Jinxia fleeing there. Uncle Beg was going to take a landing to seek the healing of Feng Linyun’s god, but then he sighed again and said that he knew that the god doctor had rules against the rescuer’s family. Yuan Jinxia said, otherwise he would hide Lu Yi’s identity from that person, wouldn’t it be okay.

At the request of Yuan Jinxia, ​​Uncle Beggar agreed to come down and take Lu Yi to find a doctor. Soon after, he paddled a water raft, brought Landing Yi and Yuan Jinxia to a cottage, ready to go to the doctor. He told Yuan Jinxia in advance that the divine doctor was an old man of his own, called Doctor Lin, but she had a festival with herself, and she would not pass by. Yuan Jinxia just took the landing and interpreted it.

In the room, Mao Haifeng saw Yan Shifan , and they talked about Lu Yi during the chat. Mao Haifeng told Yan Shifan that now Lu Yi has been poisoned by his own poison, and he is about to die soon. Because snakes in the forest are more common, Uncle Beggar gave Yuan Jinxia some realgar powder and asked her to smear her and Lu Yi. At the other end, Mao Haifeng and Yan Shifan discussed and planned to use their identity as pirates to start a deal with Yan Shifan along the coast. In the forest, Lu Yi and Yuan Jinxia kept moving forward. At this moment, a snake suddenly crawled towards Yuan Jinxia. Yuan Jinxia rushed into Lu Yi’s arms, and then more snakes turned towards him again. They both came up. Yuan Jinxia killed the snakes one by one with her own hands. Soon after, she and Lu Yi came to a house, and they decided that this must be the residence of Doctor Lin.

Yuan Jinxia and Lu Yi came to the house, pretending that he and Lu Yi were a couple, and wanted Doctor Lin to see Lu Yi for a doctor, but Doctor Lin knew her identity with Lu Yi’s officials and family at a glance, and said that he was not Willing to save the rescuer’s family, unless she is willing to use her life for Lu Yi’s life. Yuan Jinxia had no choice but to take out his hand and aimed at his head, trying to use the suicide method in exchange for Doctor Lin to help Lu Yi. In a hurry, Lu Yi snatched the gun and let her bullet hit elsewhere. Doctor Lin was touched by the affection between them and finally decided to treat Lu Yi.

Doctor Lin healed Lu Yi, but she told Yuan Jinxia that she had only temporarily suppressed the poison in Lu Yi’s body, at least whether she really wanted to treat him, and she hadn’t decided yet. This morning, Yuan Jinxia made every effort to make a breakfast for Doctor Lin, trying to please her in exchange for her treatment of Lu Yi. But it was disappointing that her cooking skills were extremely poor, which made Doctor Lin taste her dishes a little and frowned quickly. However, watching Yuan Jinxia’s efforts, Doctor Lin secretly admired her.

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