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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil (2016)

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil
Other Title: อุบัติรัก ข้ามขอบฟ้า / My Heart Lives In A Foreign Land

Genres: Soap opera, drama
Ritu Bhatia
Release Date:
7 November 2016
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  • Arjun Bijlani as Raghav Mehra
  • Drashti Dhami as Naina Rihaan Khurana(née Batra/Mehra)
  • Vineet Raina as Rihaan Khurana-Naina’s husband
  • Alka Amin as Asha Khurana/ Batra-Rajeev and Naina’s mother
  • Unknown as Tai-Rajeev, Chanchal, Naina and Rihaan’s Tai. (2017)
  • Alok Narula as Rajeev Khurana/ Batra-Asha’s son, Naina’s brother, Chanchal’s husband, Anjeet’s father, Rehaan’s brother-in-law.
  • Sangeeta Kapure as Chanchal Khurana/Batra-Rajeev’s wife

The show follows the story of Naina and Raghav, both from India, who meet in and start a new life in Austria. Raghav works for a rich Indian family, the Mehras, in Austria and is in love with a girl named Sanjana, a rich spoilt brat who ignores him. Naina, on the other hand, is forced to break up with her fiancé Amit due to her mother’s illness. She goes to Austria for her mother’s operation who is a heart patient. Naina and Raghav meet and become friends. Impressed with Naina, Dadi, the matriarch of the Mehra family, wants Naina to be married to her spoilt grandson, Veer but on the day of the wedding she asks Raghav to sit in for the groom. As a result, Naina and Raghav are married.

Naina feels betrayed but soon starts to trust Raghav. Sanjana becomes pregnant with Veer’s child and briefly causes a misunderstanding making Naina believe that it’s Raghav’s child. This is cleared and Naina helps Raghav start a business in Austria. Dadi falls into a coma. Raghav invents a product but Veer and his father steal the idea and sell it of as their own. Naina collects evidence against Veer and shows it to the buyer, Mr Rehaan Khurana, but he tells her that she can buy her husband’s patent back only if she gets €20,000. Naina meets Ahana and agrees to become a surrogate mother to help Raghav.

Raghav misunderstands the situation and thinks Naina is having an affair and is carrying someone else’s baby. Without knowing the truth, he and Naina gets divorced, Veer and Sanjana gets married and Sanjeet is born, Shaurya married Pragya and Prayag is born and then Ahana meets a car accident planned by Harjeet, she tells Naina that the baby is in danger then, she dies.

3 Months Later

The show shifts to India. Naina lives in India and Raghav has become an arrogant businessman with the help of Naina secretly. Akash married Avni and Ashi is born. Dadi is still in a coma and when she wakes up, she mistakes Ahana’s baby to be Raghav and Naina’s. Raghav buys the company that Naina worked in only to trouble her but softens up later. Ahana’s husband, Rehaan gets to know that his wife hired a surrogate so he started searching her and also told about this to his evil mother, Harjeet, who wants to kill Ahana’s baby. Harjeet sends goons to harm the pregnant Naina but Raghav rescues her and she gives premature birth to a baby boy.

Naina and Raghav grow closer and confess their love but due to misunderstandings, they grow apart. Rehaan kills Raghav thinking Raghav had kidnapped the baby. Raghav still thinks Naina cheated on him with Rehaan and was carrying his baby. Raghav then comes to know the truth about the relationship and dies. Naina gets married to Rehaan to look after her baby Ahaan. Naina and Dadi live in Rehaan’s house and take revenge on Harjeet and Armaan. Naina also acts to be possessed by Ahana’s spirit. Ira and Armaan gets married after several events Rehaan put Armaan in jail and Naina reveals Harjeet’s real intention to kill Rehaan’s child and her. Naina also reveals to Dadi that Rehaan and Naina’s marriage is real then she leaves Naina and Rehaan and Harjeet get jailed for her crimes. Naina delivers Raghav’s baby and Rihaan named the daughter, Raina. Then, Rihaan and Naina consummate their marriage.

7 years later

In Khurana family, Naina and Rehaan lives with their children-Ahaan, Raina, Nihaan and Naira; Asha; Tai; Rajeev, Chanchal and Anjeet; Zina, Malik and Malika and Dilraj, Balwant and Balwant. Naina gives tuitions to the girls. The girls ask her the meaning of love then she smiles at Rehaan and their perfect family and in Mehra family, Ira gives birth to Armaan’s daughter, Niral and the show ends.

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