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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 35 Recap

On the grassland, Mahamu and Tuotuo did not spend, Wu Liangha sweated and met, and both wanted to withdraw, but Mahamu still insisted on confronting the Ming army, and ordered to give them two cows and sheep first. During the winter, Mahmud told the two that he was getting news. Daming was continuously increasing troops, and said that the enemy ’s increase in troops was a good thing. But he laughed at Mahmud, thinking that he was dreaming, and they all left.

Yang Shiqi was worried that Zhu Gaochi ‘s health was not good, and it was not long before he ascended the throne. Zhu Zhanji didn’t take it seriously, and decided to order the world immediately without delay. Later, Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu came to Yang Shiqi, and Yang Shiqi told them with an emperor’s mouth. Yang Shiqi claimed that the Three Thousand Battalions attacked the tilers, and the emperor scolded Zhu Gaojiao for doing things unfavorably, if he continued to deal with the general law. Zhu Gaozao was puzzled by the emperor’s instructions. ZhuGaozao knew allabout Zhu Xi’s combat experience.

Since there was no fighter, why was he pressing step by step. Zhu Gaojiu was also anxious, and ridiculed Yang Shiqi. Yang Shiqi repeatedly took the emperor as a shirk. The two brothers saw that they couldn’t get something out of Yang Shiqi’s mouth and had to let Yang Shiqi pass a message to Zhu Xi. No matter what, tomorrow I will see Zhu Xi. Helpless, Yang Shiqi had to agree first.

Zhu Xi has been crashing for several days, and the body is gradually smelling. Fan Zhong and Yu Qian were worried about being seen, and deliberately covered up the smell with many salted fish. Zhu Gaoji heard that Zhu Xi’s tent was exposed to a lot of salted fish, which made him unable to approach, and suspected that something had happened. Zhu Gaoji and Zhu Gaoji discussed the decision to join the camp first, and then quietly returned to Shenji Camp, only 50 steps away from Zhu Qi’s tent. Then Fan Zhong got the news and a heart hung in the air and Yang Shiqi is worried that Zhu Zhanji will not appear in time tomorrow, then it will be a fight.
Late at night, Zhu Zhanma asked Sun Ruowei what he wanted to say about Nie Xing’s death. Sun Ruowei stated that he would no longer cry for him. Zhu Zhanji had a clever move and tried to see if Sun Ruowei would feel sad if he could not return. Before waiting for Sun Ruowei to speak, Zhu Zhanji held her in his arms.

On the second day, Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu rushed back to Shenji Camp with a million soldiers. Zhu Gaojiu led Zhu Gaoji to the Zhuji Shenji camp to meet him, but Zhu Qi had not appeared for a long time, and the two felt hesitant. Zhu Gaoxi questioned Yu Qian where Zhu Qi was. Yu Qian stated that Zhu Qi had a big trip yesterday. The dragon body was escorted back to Beijing by Zhu Zhanji yesterday, and Zhu Gaochi Ling took the throne. Zhu Gaojie was very dissatisfied and fought with Shenjiying on the spot. Yang Shiqi had long expected Zhu Gaoyu to rebel, so he detained 3,000 and 5,000 battalions with his will, so that Zhu Gaoyu could not wait for reinforcements. Then Zhu Zhanji arrived with his soldiers and horses, and Zhu Gaojie scolded Zhu Zhanji and other artificial counterattacks. Zhu Zhanji repeatedly told Zhu Xi to pass the throne to Zhu Gaochi, and now Zhu Gaochi is Emperor Hongxi. Zhu Zhanji advised Zhu Gaojiao to think twice. The two brothers were forced to helplessly and had to surrender their swords.

Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu returned to Beijing, and Zhu Zhanji took them to Zhu Gaochi as soon as possible. Zhu Gaochi hopes to get along with the two brothers in the future, but Zhu Gaochi disagrees. When Zhu Gaochi opened the door and saw the mountain questioning how the emperor Zhu Gaochi had crashed, Zhu Gaochi informed the two without delay. After Zhu Xi’s funeral was handled, he sat down and talked about the matter. Zhu Gaozong glared at Zhu Zhanji from time to time, determined that the matter could not be separated from him. Zhu Gaojiu was a candid character, and when he saw that it was not a time for condolences, he took Zhu Gaojiao away.

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