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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 34 Recap

Zhu Zhanji told Yang Shiqi that he had detained the Han Wang people, fearing that they would leak the wind. Zhu Zhanji took out the Jade Seal and decided to make a decree. Fan Zhong scolded Zhu Zhanji for acting recklessly and falsely preaching the decree. Yang Shiqi threatened Fan Zhong with a dagger, worried that thecountry would be in chaos after Zhu Gaojiu ascended to power, and had to use different methods at the same time. Fan Zhong did not want to be ruined, so he agreed with Zhu Zhanji’s approach and stabilized the situation first. Zhu Xi died, Zhu Zhanji was worried about what Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiang found, and decided to take the two away. Fan Zhong ordered Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu to divide their troops with Zhu Xi’s will. Zhu Gaojiu took the command, but muttered that the tile and the fighter plane were gone, and asked Zhu Gaojiu why Zhu Xi did not give up. Zhu Gaoji suspected that Zhu Zhanji provoked alienation and decided to lead a soldier to come to Zhu Xi.

On the second day, Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu led soldiers to meet Zhu Qi, and Yu Qian turned them out, and went to Zhu Xi with a preacher. The two brothers Zhu Gaoxiang couldn’t bear it and broke into the God Machine Camp. Zhu Zhanji lied that Yang Shiqi was discussing with Zhu Xi about national affairs, but Zhu Gaoxi was unwilling to wait and decide to break into the door and find Zhu Xi. When Yang Shiqi shouted, he shouted that he would leave, indicating that Zhu Xi was dissatisfied with Zhu Gaoji’s unfavorable affairs. Zhu Gaoxu was short-tempered and refused to believe in them, but decided to meet Zhu Qi.

As the two men slowly drove towards the tent, Zhu Zhanji was worried that Zhu Gaojiao could see through and clenched his sharp blade. At this time, Yu Qian pretended to be Zhu Xi in the tent, and Long Yan was furious, and Zhu Gaojie was scared to be afraid to move. Zhu Zhanji took the opportunity to blame Zhu Gaojiu and others for discomfort. Zhu Gaojiu was worried that Zhu Qi blame him and had to obediently leave. Zhu Zhanji, Yang Shiqi, and others were relieved. It turned out that soldiers had been hidden in the tent. If things were revealed, they were ready to kill the two on the spot.

Hu Shanxiang handed a letter to the court lady Zhu Gaojiu bought, let her go out quietly, and gave the letter to Princess Han, absolutely no one can see it. After the explanation, Hu Shanxiang let the palace lady carry a grinding disc on the back, It was also given to Princess Han. When Princess Han saw that the palace girl carried a grinding disc to herself, she didn’t know what Hu Shanxiang meant. When she opened the letter and looked at it, Hu Shanxiang wrote only four words for her master. The court lady tried what Princess Han herself should do next. Princess Han discovered that Hu Shanxiang already knew that she was her own, so she sent her away casually.

Princess Han turned her creed to Han Wang’s relatives and told him that Hu Shanxiang had no intention of doing anything for them.
Late at night, Sun Ruowei heard a knock on the door and mistakenly thought that Hu Shanxiang came to talk to her, but found that Zhu Zhanji came back secretly. Zhu Zhanji quietly returned to the Prince’s Mansion, and Sun Ruowei was very surprised. Zhu Zhanji told her that something had happened and that she was going to meet Zhu Gaochi , but could not reveal her identity. Sun Ruowei quietly took Zhu Zhanji to meet Zhu Gaochi and his concubine.

Zhu Zhanji told the two that Zhu Xi had died. Zhu Zhanji told Zhu Gaochi the original words of Zhu Xi. Zhu Gaochi thought that Zhu Xi thought very well, but Zhu Zhanji disagreed. As long as Zhu Gaoyu became emperor, then their family would be like the meat on the chopping board, let them be slaughtered. Zhu Gaochi didn’t answer. The princess saw this, and hurriedly persuaded Zhu Zhanji to leave and let Zhu Gaochi take a good rest first. The princess advised Zhu Gaochi to fall asleep and slapped Zhu Zhanji again. He was dissatisfied with his arrogant attitude towards Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Zhanji knelt down and kicked his head vigorously to the princess. His face was bloody, and he fainted. Passed.

The next day, Zhu Zhanji gradually woke up. Sun Ruowei told Zhu Zhanji frankly that Sun Ruowei knew all the trivialities that happened in the year Zhu Zanji’s expedition. Sun Ruowei helped Zhu Zhanji get the medicine bowl, and then Zhu Zhanji put her niche on the bed and asked her if she regretted it. Sun Ruowei said that the husband and wife are the same forest birds, and they are following Zhu Zhanji when they want to kill or to kill. Zhu Zhanji was very moved after listening.

On the second day, Zhu Zhanji came to Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaochi was not angry. Instead, he invited Zhu Zhanji to return to the room to ask questions. Zhu Gaochi questioned Zhu Zhanji who was his accomplice. Zhu Zanji also informed and handed the jade seal to Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaochi was worried that the emperor Zhu Zhanji would not be able to sit still, and Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu could not listen to him. Zhu Zhanji reiterated his plan and planned to conduct Zhu Gaochi’s ceremony as soon as possible. Zhu Gaochi asked Zhu Zhanji to handle it carefully and control the army to act with grace. Zhu Gaochi decided to support Zhu Zhanji’s approach. Zhu Zhanji called Yang Rong, and Yang Ye discussed the matter of Zhu Gaochi’s ascension.

Hu Shanxiang found Sun Ruowei and asked her about Zhu Zhanji’s return. Sun Ruowei told Hu Shanxiang Zhu Zhanji’s ambitions. Hu Shanxiang was worried that Zhu Zhanji would fail. Sun Ruowei said that if that day came, he would try to send Hu Shanxiang away. Hu Shanxiang was worried about what Sun Ruowei would do, but Sun Ruowei said he hadn’t figured it out yet.

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