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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 32 Recap

After Zhu Gaochi learned that Zhu Gaochi had replaced the soldiers at Shanhaiguan, he told Zhu Gaochi the news. Zhu Gaochi thought that Zhu Gaochi was going to rebel, but Zhu Gaochi knew that Zhu Gaochi was watching out for Zhu Gaochi’s rebellion. Zhu Gaojiao also told Zhu Gaojiao that Zhu Gaochi’s body was almost dead. After listening to it, Zhu Gaojiao got excited, knowing that his opportunity had come, and asked Zhu Gaojiao to help him show a clear way. However, Zhu Gaojiao said that the premise of helping Zhu Gaojiao is to save his life. Don’t use his own knife after Zhu Gaojiao came to power in the future.

In the Prince’s House, Princess Zhang Yan told Sun Ruowei and Hu Shanxiang of Zhu Gaochi’s condition . Zhu Gaochi’s body had run out of oil, and the doctor had to find a way to hang himself for Zhu Gaochi. The crown prince was even wondering if Zhu Zhanji would rush back. Hu Shanxiang agreed with the concubine, hoping that Zhu Zhanji could return as soon as possible, but Zhu Gaochi refused to let Zhu Zhanji escape. Sun Ruowei said that both Gao Chi and Zhu Gao were seriously ill. Whether they should send someone to report to Zhu Zhanji and Zhu Rongna . The crown prince agreed with Sun Ruowei, but worried that Zhu Gaochi would not agree. Hu Shanxiang suddenly emerged that if Zhu Xiru was unwell, Zhu Zhanji should return early.

The princess condemned Hu Shanxiang’s ranting words, scolded her fiercely, and asked her if she wanted to have another battle in Jingnan. Hu Shanxiang couldn’t argue. The crown prince looked at Zhu Gaochi lying in bed and comforted him that the Taiyi would let him cultivate for a few months. Zhu Gaochi knew his condition and asked the princess how long she was still alive. The princess could not help crying .

In the middle of the night, Hu Shanxiang came to Sun Ruowei and questioned what happened to the Jingnan battle. What would Sun Ruowei do? Sun Ruowei said that she and Zhu Zhanji had the same ancestors as before, and that the Zhu Gaochi family was not thin to her, and she did not intend to leave in disorder. Hu Shanxiang hinted that Zhu Xi was about to die, and hoped that Sun Ruowei would think twice. Sun Ruowei forced to ask her where she got the news. Hu Shanxiang looked out the window, and then she talked with her sister Sun Ruowei.

At the barracks, Zhu Gaojiu and others discussed the military situation. At this time, Yu Qian suddenly spoke, saying that the cannon contained wheels, and Zhu Xi later ordered someone to move to the shell overnight. The artillery shell broke the Watanabe barracks, but the opponent refused to fight. Zhu Xi had no choice but to make a formidable attack, taking advantage of the other’s illness to kill him. Mahamu was worried that his morale was booming, and he was not his opponent. He ordered that he leave in a mess and save the blood for Watanabe. First, on the way out, I accidentally learned that the position of the Ming Army ’s red cannons moved, and decided to storm the Zhu Xi camp while taking advantage of a thousand years.

After Fan Zhong learned about it, he let Zhu Zhanji quickly take Zhu Xi away, and he was responsible for the post-break. Zhu Xi wanted to fight with a knife, but was forcibly taken away by Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zanji fled to the mountain with Zhu Xi. Zhu Zanji told Zhu Xi that he also broke through the artillery camp first. Zhu Xi regretted not being able to kill him. Zhu Xi came to Yu Qian and asked him to guess what the next step would be In terms of trends, Yu Qian analyzed that Mahamu would stay at the mountain pass, and would first continue to send cavalry to harass the army. Zhu Xi also wanted to continue to join forces, but Yu Qian reminded that if they were surrounded by the enemy, they would not be able to return.

Yang Shiqi and others visited the Prince’s Mansion, and Sun Ruowei met the three in the name of Zhu Gaochi. Yang Shiqi questioned Sun Ruowei’s identity, and Sun Ruowei had to speak frankly. After Yang Shiqi and others unloaded her defenses, the four began to discuss the business. Sun Ruowei asked Zhu Xi if he did not know Zhu Gaochi’s condition. After learning that Yang Shiqi wrote a secret report to Zhu Xi, he wondered why Zhu Xi had not responded to the letter. Sun Ruowei wrote a home letter to Zhu Zhanji in his own name according to Zhu Gaochi, and asked Yang Shiqi to send it to Zhu Zhanji in a hurry. Yang Shiqi obeyed. Sun Ruowei asked them to report to the army, wait for Zhu Gaochi’s spirit to be better, and then slowly talk to him. Yang Shiqi agreed.

On the second day, Zhu Zhanji came to visit Zhu Xi, and saw Zhu Xi lying motionless on the bed, worried that Zhu Xi’s dragon body was insecure, and he asked a doctor to see him. With the help of Taiyi, Zhu Xi gradually woke up, but his condition was only overnight. Zhu Zhanji packed his luggage for the Taiyi, ordered him to live in a tent and concentrate on seeing Zhu Xi, and ordered him not to disclose this for a while. Zhu Zhanji went back to the barracks to visit Zhu Xi. Zhu Xi knew his illness well, so he didn’t say much, and gave Zhu Zhanji the letter sent by Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Zhanji wept and wept, hoping that Zhu Xi would return to Beijing with him. Zhu Xi declined Zhu Zhanji’s intentions, fearing that it was too late to withdraw his troops at this time.

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