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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 30 Recap

Zhu Gaochi is critically ill and Yang Shiqi changes his defense without permission Zhu Zhu lets Zhu Zhanji attack the Three Gorges mouth
Late at night, Zhu Zhanji came to visit Zhu Xi , who asked him how he was fighting today. Zhu Zhanji blamed the unsuitable weather today, which killed 20,000 soldiers. Zhu Xi believes that winning and losing soldiers are inevitable and need not be taken to heart. Zhu Xi believes that if the weather is not clear tomorrow, then Shenjiying will be completely destroyed. Zhu Zhanji persuaded Zhu Xi not to be discouraged and thought that there was still room for retention. Zhu Xi took out the report reported by Zhu Gaochi . It turned out that they counted each other, and the other side counted them. Zhu Xi admired a hegemon that appeared on the grassland and hoped that he would meet him someday.

Zhu Gaochi came to the Ministry of Defense, but the atmosphere of the Ministry was very strange. Yang Shiqi handed the discount to Zhu Gaochi and told him that several units outside the customs united to make Zhu Xi miss the best time for decisive battle. He asked Zhu Gaochi for a plan to withdraw his troops. Zhu Gaochi attacked his heart in a hurry, and couldn’t help spitting blood. Yang Shiqi and others personally invited a Taiyi doctor to see Zhu Gaochi for treatment. The Taiyi doctor said that Zhu Gaochi was suffering from thirst, and his condition was slow. Even if he invited Da Luo, he could not save him. Yang Shiqi hinted that Taiyi would not allow Zhu Gaochi’s condition to be leaked out to prevent others from fanning the flames. After the doctor left, Yang Shiqi decided to leave Zhu Gaochi’s case.

Yang Shiqi invited two officials for a meal. Yang Shiqi decided not to report the case to Zhu Xi , fearing that it would not only add chaos to Zhu Xi , but even make Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu twitchy. One of the officials stopped Yang Shiqi’s practice, thinking that all this was just Yang Shiqi’s thinking. If Zhu Xi learned that Zhu Gaochi’s life was about to die soon, he would transfer the title of prince to Zhu Gaoqi, or there would be another scene. Yang Shiqi denied his claims and repeatedly asked to finally convince them. Yang Shiqi made an immediate decision and transferred Zhu Gaojiao and Zhu Gaojiao’s army, replaced Zhu Gaoji’s subordinates, sealed off Shanhaiguan. Without the imperial decree, even a horse could not be put in the customs.

In Prince’s Mansion, Princess Zhang Yan was worried that Zhu Gaochi was exhausted, and the General and others dismissed him. Zhu Gaochi scolded Zhang Yan for not knowing the general situation, and she did not know the powerful relationship inside. Zhu Gaochi was worried that Zhu Zhanji and Zhu Xi were fighting on the front line, and he was defeated due to his own reasons, so it was Zhu Gaochi’s responsibility. Zhu Gaochi was determined to work, and Yang Shiqi and others just came to Zhu Gaochi and discussed with them. Zhu Gaochi observed that this year’s weather is coming early, and after a period of heavy snow and wind, Zhu Gaochi was worried that Zhu Xi’s body could not be carried, but because Zhu Xi was unwilling to get off the battlefield easily, he had to let Yang Shiqi think about it.

Yang Shiqi said that the biggest problem on the grassland now is the weather. No matter how many troops are reinforced, it is against God. Zhu Gaochi talked about Zhu Xi’s attack on Nanjing when he walked the canal. Zhu Gaochi said while looking at the discount, he suddenly found that the defenders in Beijing had changed their defense. Zhu Gaochi looked at Yang Shiqi and Yang Shiqi quickly explained. Zhu Gaochi said that the four places changed defenses at the same time but did not report upwards. This is not to make people feel that they want to close the door and become the emperor. The three Yang Shiqi hurried to their knees and said their concerns again. Zhu Gaochi was worried that if the news reached Zhu Xi’s ears, according to Zhu Xi’s temper, he would immediately come back to see what happened. Zhu Gaochi asked the three of them to go back and think about what he could do.

Zhu Xi and Zhu Gaoyu discussed the marching route in the barracks. Zhu Zhanji opposed Zhu Gaoyu’s marching route. Zhu Gaojia was very disdainful of Zhu Zhanji, and Zhu Zhanji explained his thoughts one by one. However, Zhu Xi gave a lesson to Zhu Zhanji, stating that the army was not defeated. The current situation is also caused by the weather, not the command failure. Zhu Xi asked Zhu Zhanji as a vanguard to attack the Three Gorges mouth, and Zhu Zhanji had to take the lead.

In Mahamu ‘s barracks, Mahamu blamed the tribe of Arutai for not cutting off the food passage of the Ming army, so that they also killed the messenger of Arutai first. The other clans were panicking, and they drew swords at Mahama. Mahamu didn’t panic. All clans were restrained by Mahamu and couldn’t move. Mahmud also decided to use the Three Gorges mouth as a decisive battlefield, and decided to send Watanabe cavalry as a forward.

After the people of all tribes left, Mahmujan did not take part in the decisive battle at the Three Gorges mouth. He planned to leave 10,000 main forces. In case of a decisive battle, he would also leave from the Nanan River to the west. , Ming Army will not continue to hunt. Mahmujan should not go to the battlefield, and reserve the blood for Vajira.

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