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Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (2019) 梦回 Episode 33 Recap

Yuan Qing and the original owner’s murderer Thirteen refused to give way to the throne. I begged to see Princess Nalan and discuss her plan for the position of Prince Chu. I thought that the current position of Prince Chu was between the fourth and fourth brothers, and I wanted to ask for the support of the fourteen brothers Naland. Ascend the throne.

However, the concubine Nalan thought that everyone in the harem is now the head of the concubine, and her status is not as good as the day. She then persuaded the concubine Nalan, the concubine has no sons and daughters, and will only become more and more in the palace in the future. Low, if she can help the fourteenth elder ascend to the throne, she will always treat the concubine and let her enjoy the glory and prosperity, so the two reach an agreement. Xiaowei wanted to resolve the grievances between her and Ji, so she wanted to go back to her mother ’s house to understand the truth of the matter, but did not want to happen at this time Xiao Wei ’s forehead was also seriously ill, and Ji was the first to return to Fuzhong.

Because of what happened when she was a child, she deliberately scolded her when her elder mother was seriously ill. Xiaowei’s elder mother was so angry that her condition became worse. At this time, Xiaowei rushed to drive her away. And Wei Wei’s mother also told me what happened when she was a kid. Xiao Wei’s mother said that when she was a kid, she always bullied Xiao Wei, and she would blame Xiao Wei for doing wrong things, but in fact sometimes it is indeed Xiao Wei makes a mistake, but Xiao Wei’s forehead thinks it is what she did and she punishes her every time.

Even holding Xiaoyu in the most afraid of the firewood room, she also hated it. After being detained in it for a few days, her temperament changed greatly. After she came out, she respected everyone, but actually kept secretly. Looking for opportunities to avenge Xiaowei’s mother and daughter, I started to win the trust of Xiaowei’s mother and daughter deliberately when I was a child, so when the original owner, Wei Wei, and Yuan Qing ran away, I had been secretly following up on Wei. However, Yuan Qing was not sincere to Xin Wei. She just wanted to earn her money and did not want to take Xin Wei away. Seeing this behind the scene, she thought that everything she was planning was going to be ruined. It turned out that the matter between Qi Wei and Yuan Qing had always been a deliberate match, just to keep Qi Wei away from her world, so she saw Yuan Qing. She regretted taking away Wei Wei, and then rushed out of anger and pushed Yuan Qing down the cliff.

Later, Wei Wei was terrified at seeing this scene. She also killed Wei Wei when she saw this, and Xiao Wei also passed through. So Xiaowei, Qixiang and others continued to investigate. Sure enough, Qixiang found Yuan Qing’s body and Xi Wei’s body under the cliff, and found a jade pendant carried by Xi under the cliff. Xiao Wei got it afterwards. Zhi Zhi speculated that all of this may have been done by Xun, but they could not condemn Xun only by a piece of jade. However, Xiao Wei still took this piece of jade to her, and she saw that although she was afraid, she still did not admit anything, but after she returned, she still had a nightmare as a guilty conscience, deep inside Suffer and Xiaowei saw that this jade pendant was even more determined to thoroughly investigate the cause of her death. She could not let her die unclearly, and Thirteen Brother also fully supported Xiaowei. At this time, the palace came It is rumored that the emperor will call on the thirteen brother.

At this time, Xiaowei foresaw the history of the previous study. The emperor might die, so he told the thirteen brother to inform him of the physical condition of the emperor. Face Saint, the emperor talked to Brother Thirteen and expressed his optimism about Thirteen in his words. The emperor clearly wanted to pass the throne to thirteen, but thirteen refused. Seeing that thirteen had decided, he did not force him any more, so he claimed that he would pass the throne to thirteen most trusted brother.

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