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Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (2019) 梦回 Episode 30 Recap

Thirteen was commissioned by the emperor to take heavy responsibility together with Rongyue to murder Xiaowei. Fourteen brothers admired Boss Zhao as a hero, so he asked to send an altar of wine in front of his tomb, but thirteen and others were not welcome, and at this time, he came to Xiaowei to show off his power and claimed that Boss Zhao The death was because he chose the wrong way. Xiaowei couldn’t restrain her anger and slap her, and said that although she didn’t know what grievances she had with her, she would not She would be led away again, but she wanted to fan back, but was stopped by Brother Thirteen, and Qixiang also drove them away. I touched my swollen face at home and was resentful. I hated Xiao Wei more and gritted her teeth, and my fourteenth brother also came to inform him that he also thought that what he had done was too much, but However, I think that in this wolf tiger and leopard den, this is only a means to survive, but the 14th brother still reminds me not to be smart but to be misunderstood and end up in a miserable end.

After the death of Boss Zhao, Qixiang still missed her brother very much, often feeling that she was lonely and helpless, and Xiao Wei was here to stay beside Qixiang, giving her some warmth and comfort. Shishi asked Xiaowei to chat, Xiaowei knew that Shishi didn’t want to let Boss Zhao die, and she said that even though the palace was a fraud, she also believed that Shishi was a righteous person, but at the same time she warned Shishi Alas, because Amaranth is different from Fourteen. Acrimonious and cruel, with no bottom line, will be a scourge. The emperor held a meeting of ministers to discuss the expedition. The courtiers recommended the capable 14th elder brother to the Junggar, but the emperor paid more attention to the thirteen, thinking that thirteen was the most outstanding person among the elder brothers. The emperor and the concubine talked about it, but did not expect that the concubine also praised Thirteen and expressed their full support for the emperor’s decision.

In fact, the emperor also wanted to pass this expedition and test again whether Thirteen had the ability to control the world. Then the emperor summoned Thirteen, and the emperor opened the door directly and asked him to take his place. Thirteen, however, said that he was loose and free from nature and had no intention of emperor. Instead, he recommended Sige, thinks Sige is calm and decisive, and he has the world, but the emperor thinks that Sige is decisive. After all, Xiao He is successful and Xiao He is defeated. He is worried that his natural and indifferent character can not be qualified for this position. However, Thirteen offered his own opinion that Daqing did not ask for benevolence, but after seeking the prince, the emperor suddenly realized that he had given the expedition to Sige and asked Thirteen to assist him.

Eighth brother learned that he was anxious, but fourteenth brother wanted to find a way to regain military power. As long as he broke the right arm of thirteen, fourth brother would not be able to achieve a major event. Fourth brother and thirteen went to the army to inspect, but found that The soldiers did not obey the two, but obeyed the fourteenth brother. Later, Xiao Wei learned that this incident was also worried about this. Thirteen, however, figured out how to take the soldiers convinced, so the next morning, Thirteen challenged the three main generals and beat them down. It also convinced them completely.

Nalan Rongyue lost her temper in the palace because she had been extremely boring in the harem, so she proposed to participate in the polo game. After all, she grew up on horseback, but the polo game has long been closed. Nalan Rongyue wanted to The request to Nalan Princess to restart the polo game was rejected, and at this time, I happened to meet Nalan, and after learning about this, she went to help Nalan Rongyue to intercede with Nalan Rongyue. On the grounds of Zhenwei’s prestige, she persuaded Princess Nalan to agree. After the incident was completed, Nai asked Nalan Rongyue to help her in the polo match, and Nalan Rongyue agreed without thinking.

On the day of the polo game, Xiao Wei faintly felt that something would happen and did not want to go to the polo game, but the servants at the bottom thought she would lose her identity if she did not, so Xiao Wei went on. Xiao Wei also entered the playing game. Just before the game was about to start, Nalan Rongyue and Xun had already combined, so that people secretly gave the horse medicine, and the horse began to run frantically, running around the field, thirteen Seeing this quickly rushed to the rescue, immediately sat behind Xiao Wei and took control of the horses with her, but the soldiers on the other side started to pick up bows and arrows and shot at them and the horses. She lived, but didn’t want to cause an arrow in her knee.

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