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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 28 Recap

In the 19th year of Yongle, Daming moved the capital to Beijing and Jinling Yingtianfu Nanjing to stay in the capital. After the capital was moved, Zhu Zhanji was officially registered as a grandson. Zhu Zanji’s grandson has a certain position, and Prince Zhu Gaochi ‘s position is more stable. After Zhu Zhanji was booked, Sun Ruowei and Hu Shanxiang also held a big wedding ceremony with Zhu Zhanji, and they were officially booked as Tai Sunfei and Tai Sunjun.

Zhu Zhanji returned to the palace and told Sun Ruowei that he would go with Zhu Xi on February 2. By that time, he hoped that Sun Ruowei would go to Zhu Gaochi and walk around, and let Sun Ruowei call Zhu Gaochi a father in private. Sun Ruowei didn’t say anything, Zhu Zhanji mistakenly thought that she had any prejudice against Crown Prince Zhu Gaochi and did not force her. Sun Ruowei said that he was an ominous object, and he was not unwilling to respect Zhu Gaochi. Upon hearing, Zhu Zhanji left without refuting.

Zhu Zhanji came to arrange errands in the military account, and organized things well. The general was embarrassed by Zhu Zhanji’s orders, but Zhu Zanji rebuked him on time to complete it and ordered everyone not to treat the war horse with ill treatment. On the way, Zhu Zhanji saw a lot of officer’s luggage on the way, scolding everyone if the battlefield was killed, the state ordered the coffin to be distributed. Yu Qian sneered, Zhu Zhanji did not scold him, but continued to arrange tasks. Zhu Zhanji ordered people to dig three trenches before and after, and the bottom of the trench was covered with bamboo sticks. They should not be perfunctory or lazy.

Arrange this matter properly. After the crowd left, Zhu Zhanqi asked Yu Qian what he was just laughing. Yu Qian said that just a few minutes later, Zhu Zhanji had offended many people, but Zhu Zhanji said that the war was imminent, and it was better to offend people than to defeat it. Zhu Xi received the news that the grandson of the head of the Mahal, Mahamu , would also come to meet in the barracks. Zhu Gaojiong guessed that he had to find out first to find out the situation of the Ming army. Zhu Xi decided to let Zhu Zhanji put on a robe and pretend to be the emperor to scare him first, and then he pretended to be an old soldier to observe.

On the second day, I first came to Zhu Xi’s military account to see you. Zhu Zhanji sits in the upper position, pretending to ask in a plausible manner what he should do first. After knowing that Daming was about to die this time, he offered to be a pioneer for Daming’s army. When Daming’s generals heard that there were only 4,000 troops in the army, they couldn’t help laughing. Zhu Zhanji didn’t bother his army of 4,000. He first brought war horses and sheep as gifts. He also said a few words and then retired.

After leaving also, Zhu Zhanji was relieved. Zhu Xi called Fan Zhong, and asked Fan Zhong to entertain the party first. Don’t take it easy, and let Fan Zhong ask him first. . Fan Zhongjiang also answered Zhu Xi first, and also said that the Emperor Yingwu of the Daming Dynasty was promising, and the veteran who crossed the knife was the true hero. Upon hearing this, Zhu Xi looked a little nervous. Regardless of offending the tile department, people rushed to recover it. When Zhu Zhanji saw Zhu Xi, he did not dare to despise, but he knew the seriousness of the problem and led his troops to chase it out.

Zhu Zanji sent troops to hunt down first, also realized that something was wrong, and ordered everyone to go their separate ways. Zhu Zhanji followed all the way, and then took advantage of the steppe trend to hide in the woods. Zhu Zanji saw the news before he saw it, and immediately became vigilant. At this time, he also hid in the dark and pointed his arrow at Zhu Zhanji. Fortunately, Zhu Zhanji was swift in his eyes and managed to escape. Zhu Zhanji shot arrows at the other subconsciously, and the two men fought back and forth several times. Zhu Zhanji saw that the other party had no crossbow and stabbed him with the last sword. Also injured first fell to the ground. Zhu Zhanji pressed hard.

At this time, he first pulled out his crossbow with all his strength and turned his head to face Zhu Zhanji. The two looked at each other, leaving each other away. In the East Palace, Sun Ruowei and Hu Shanxiang accompanied Prince Zhang Yan to play cards. Sun Ruowei didn’t understand the playing card skills and often lost money. While Hu Shanxiang was in the palace all year round, naturally he stopped playing cards, but deliberately lost to the princess to please her. When Sun Ruowei saw that the hour had arrived, he left to boil medicine for Zhu Gaochi. After Sun Ruowei left, the princess mentioned to Hu Shanxiang that Hu Shangyi had abused and cursed the maid in the palace and let her control the matter.

Zhu Gaochi discussed the division with the ministers. Zhu Gaochi was worried that there was no specific terrain on the sand table for the Martyrdom River. The Minister of the Ministry of Defense also differed on the division of troops. Yang Shiqi demonstrated the positions of the various ministries in Arutai and saw that the three were to encircle the Ming Army. Zhu Gaochi wrote the situation as a reminder to remind Zhu Xi to be careful.

Yang Shiqi also suggested that Zhu Xi split his troops to defeat Wu Liangha and Wazi respectively before June. If not, they should immediately withdraw their troops. Yang Shiqi also proposed that the left and right wings be divided into 100,000 troops, as long as it does not rain, they can be invincible. Zhu Gaochi lamented that there was a hegemon on the grassland, who could command the overall situation and direct the various ministries to act. This was the most terrible thing.

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