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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 26 Recap

Zhu Gaozhen was poisoned and Jie Yu Qian stole alcohol in the military account and was bumped into by Zhu Xi. After the contradiction between Zhu Zhanji and Zhu Xi was resolved, Zhu Zhanji asked Sun Ruowei to visit Zhu Xi to show sincerity. Sun Ruowei respectfully saluted with Zhu Xi, and Zhu Xi didn’t say more. At this time Sun Ruowei explored why Zhu Xi knew her true identity, but chose to let her go. Zhu Rongsong replied that it was their generation’s fault that Jing difficult to leave orphans would not allow Sun Ruowei’s generation to bear it. When Zhu Xi brought Sun Ruowei to power for the first time, he thought that in the eyes of Sun Ruowei, he was not unforgettable. Zhu Xi asked Sun Ruowei if he could lay down his estrangement, and Sun Ruowei readily agreed.

Zhu Gaochi heard about Jie Xun’s tortured torture in jail, and came to see him. Zhu Gaochi saw Xie Xie’s name appear on the amnesty list, scolding him for being impatient and unsafe. At thistime, Zhu Xialso saw the name of Xie Xie on the amnesty list. When he was scolding Zhu Gao , Zhu Gaochi also came. Zhu Ye thought that Zhu Gaochi had come to intercede for Xie Ye. Zhu Gaochi said that he had written a word and wanted to show him It also brought together the military budget discounts of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Households. Zhu Xi showed Zhu Gaochi the amnesty list. Zhu Gaochi was very panicked when he saw the name of Xie Ye. Zhu Ye was furious. Zhu Gaochi explained for Xie Ye and wanted to let him escape Xie Ye, but Zhu Gaoji was not willing.

Zhu Xi asked Zhu Gaoyu to go to jail to see if Xie Ye was still alive, and then decided what to do. Zhu Gaozhi left, and Zhu Xi said that he knew it wasn’t Zhu Gaochi’s party and private affairs. He would go and find out who the criminal department officials had been bought. In jail, Zhu Gaoyu set a table for Xie Ye, and lied to him that Zhu Ye was very concerned about Xie Ye, and Xie Ye suspected that he was about to be released. Who knew that Zhu Gao Ye had prescribed medicine in Jiucai and Xie Ye Fainted, Zhu Gaojiu had Jie Xun thrown in the snow, and ordered Jin Yiwei to wait for Xie Xie’s death before returning to prison. Zhu Xi came to inspect the military barracks.

First, he watched the 3,000-battalion exercise led by Zhu Gaojiu. After the 3,000-battalion exercise was completed, Zhu Xi changed into military uniform and gave a command flag to Zhu Zhanji, and let him command the exercise. Zhu Zhan Ji was a little surprised, but he still took over the command of the flag. Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu saw each other, and they were a little dissatisfied, but it was hard to say anything.

When Yu Qian was working in the army, he was attracted by the scene of Zhu Gaojie’s training of soldiers and horses. Haas Zhuzi was not convinced, and said he wanted to bet with him, saying that one day he would see that Daming’s army was a mess. Yu Qian and Hass Zhuzi talked about the military methods of the two armies at war. Yu Qian easily cracked Hassuz’s method of using soldiers. Hass Zhu couldn’t break Yushen’s arts. He suddenly attacked Qian from behind and pinched Yu Qian’s neck. Yu Qianzheng and Hass beads were equipped with horses after the barracks. Hass beads had an addiction to alcohol. Pulling Qian, he was about to steal wine. The two stole the wine and drank in the military tent. The two were drinking happily. Zhu Xi took a party into the tent, and Yu Qian and the two quickly hid under the table.

Zhu Xi asked people to hang up the troop cart written by Zhu Gaochi, and Zhu Zhanji was instructed to read it again. Zhu Xi talked about his journey when he was young. Zhu Xi knew Zhu Gaochi’s thoughts. Although he had fought for years and left the state treasury empty, but for the sake of the Daming River and the people in the border area, even if he was alone, he would go to fight this battle. Zhu Xi encouraged his morale, and just before leaving, Yu Qian and Hass beads were exposed. Zhu Xi met Yu Qian, and it was funny that he came to the military tent to steal alcohol and waved and waved his hand to let the two take away. They were suspended and punished.

Yang Shiqi told Zhu Zhanji that he would persuade Zhu Xi to stop repairing the Yongle ceremony and relocate the capital tomorrow, so that Zhu Zhanji would not offend Zhu Xi. Yang Shiqi was a little worried about this departure. . Zhu Xi returned to the palace, and Zhu Gaochi wrote the reason for not being able to fight to Zhu Xi. Zhu Xi did not respond, saying only that Zhu Zhanji’s wedding was too frugal and that he would add another two million silvers. Zhu Gaochi refused to give up and still persuaded Zhu Xi not to fight.

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