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The sweetness of flash marriage

The sweetness of flash marriage (Novel)
Other Name: 闪婚甜蜜蜜:总裁老公宠爆了

Genre: novel
Makino Rose
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Shen Sanshao, who was given a medicine by her step-sister to a strange man, but did not want to get into a high-handedness According to rumors, Shen Sanshao was blind and lame, and he was also psychopathic! She avoided him like a viper, but he spoiled her and loved her like life. No one knows how badly it is to be spoiled by a husband who doesn’t spit out bones! Qiao Xueyan held his sore old waist and grunted angrily. “Shen Qingcang, what do you like about me? Can’t I change it?” “I like how you cry for mercy!” “Shameless!”

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