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Sword Snow Stride (2020) 雪中悍刀行

Sword in the Snow (2020)
Other Title: 雪中悍刀行, Xue Zhong Han Dao Xing, Sword Snow Stride, ดาบพิฆาตกลางหิม

Genres: wuxia
Wang Juan
Tencent Video
Release Date:
Related Show:
Xue Zhong Dao Han Xing by Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou (烽火戏诸侯)


  • Zhang Ruo Yun as Xu Fengnian
  • Yang Chao Yue as Jiang Si


The TV series “The Knife in the Snow” is directed by Song Xiaofei, starring Zhang Ruoyun, Hu Jun, Li Gengxi, special starring Gao Weiguang, Liu Duanduan, Qiu Xinzhi, Tian Xiaojie, Wang Tianchen, Zhang Tianai, Li Chun, etc. Specially invited starring, Ding Xiaoying, Dong Yan, Liao Huijia Co-starring in a costume inspirational drama. The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by the princes of the Fenghuo Opera, telling the story of a son of a family, Xu Fengnian, who has grown into the King of Northern Liang after sufferings.

This play mainly tells the inspirational story of an aristocratic child who has gone through hardships and eventually grew into a general protector of the country. Xu Fengnian, the arrogant and domineering son of the Northern Liang Dynasty, awakened like a phoenix nirvana after suffering from the defamation of the world. After thousands of miles of experience, three in and three out, Xu Fengnian walked in the unknown rivers and lakes. Although the road was long and obstructive, and ruthless murderous intent was often accompanied by him, he still persevered to walk the whole course.

In the process of walking through the rivers and lakes, Xu Fengnian robbed the rich and helped the poor, punished the evil and promoted the good. In addition to continuously improving his martial arts skills, he also made friends with many chivalrous men of the rivers and lakes. Eventually he became the great man of a generation of martial arts fighters. At the time of the country’s internal and external troubles and rebellions, Xu Fengnian, who returned from the rivers and lakes, led the Xu Jiajun to quell the rebellion, regain lost ground, and grow into a general who protects the country as the world and the common people.

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