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Sweet flash marriage: husband, spoiled

Sweet flash marriage: husband, spoiled (Novel)
Other Name: 闪婚甜蜜蜜:老公,放肆宠

Genre: novel
Shu Xia
Related story:

Gu Xi confusedly married the emperor Yu Tingchen of City A, and was squeezed every day since. A few people are gentle before, while others are cruel—”Gu translator, what I said next, you have to translate it well.” Gu Xipi, who was arrested as a coolie, smiled and said: “Okay, Yu.” “Tonight’s Room 502, see you all.” “…Bah!” President Yu, what is your morale? So one day, Gu Xi finally took the ball and ran! After a few years, the baby who would play soy sauce looked naive: “Mommy, I recognized a dry dad! I almost looked cute than my baby!” Say, Uncle, we’ll meet!”

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