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The Tale of Nokdu Episode 29 Recap

Dongju puts down his hatred and yearns for the days to come, Mung Bean desperately protects his biological mother

After arranging the specific matters, the master told Mung Bean that this battle was not like the previous confrontation with a dozen people, but with an army of hundreds of people. Mung Bean said that the master taught him before this time. Perseverance, upon hearing this answer, the master nodded in satisfaction. Dongzhu behind them came in front of Mung Bean, and the master left wisely.

Dongzhu looked at Mung Dou and said her heart affectionately. At this time, she had put aside all the grudges and hatreds, and did not think about the things that bothered her before. What she has to do now is to wait for Mung Dou to return safely. Spend the days to come with him in love. These words of Dongzhu strengthened Mung Bean’s confidence. When he broke up with the master, he told the master that there would be no accident because he promised Dongzhu to live a happy life that belonged to them.

On the battlefield, the soldiers from both sides had already drawn out their weapons. When a battle was about to start, the Empress of the Middle Hall appeared. When she said that Mung Bean was her child and the eldest son of the king’s line, everyone present was stunned. Wu was the first to stand up and deny that it was not until the empress took out the half of the jade pendant that she had always kept beside her, and then Mung Bean took out the other half. At this time, Yun Ning also stood up to prove the identity of Mung Bean. The breathless mung bean cried out at the moment when it was about to be buried. Yunning was relieved and rescued the mung bean. It was impossible for the girl to design today’s game twenty years ago. This is the fact, everyone present. Shi also believed in the identity of Mung Bean.

But Lu Wu refused to admit defeat so easily. She took the lead in raising her sword and rushing towards Mung Bean. The two people on the scene fought together. The first thing Mung Bean thought was to protect the empress. At this moment, Empress also panicked and could only stand. Behind the son, everything is up to him. After taking the empress to a safe place, Mung Bean breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, the empress had time to take a good look at the son she thought about day and night, and she smiled happily when she heard the son yell out the mother, the birth empress.

In the chaos army, the master found Yunning’s biological son Huang Tae, pulled him up and walked aside, while Lu Wu also noticed the actions of Huang Tae and two, he knew his subordinates not to let them go, the master was no match for Lu Wu Yun-ning’s subordinates can only let the other party chase Huang Tai. When Yun Ning sees the intact Huang Tai standing in front of her, she is very pleased, but when she hears that her son is unwilling to be involved in mung bean’s incognito life. Later, when she heard the official position and status that Lu Wu had promised to her son, Yun Ning was very angry.

The rebels in his eyes were not qualified to make promises to others easily, but Huang Tai refused to believe his father’s words. At this time, the rebels also found them. In order to protect his son, Yun Ning took the sword that should have been cut on him. Looking at his dying father, Huang Tai’s heart was filled with regret, and he secretly hid a knife in his sleeve.

Although he met his mother for the first time 20 years later, Mung Bean still remembered his mission today and the agreement with Dongzhu. He arranged for his mother and returned to the battlefield. Fortunately, the master who was already seriously injured was saved.

Dongzhu was not worried about the safety of Mung Bean. When she came to the scene, she first hoped to see Lu Wu’s bow and arrow that had already been drawn. What Dongzhu saw along the arrow side was the back of Mung Bean supporting Bing Jie. Without thinking, Dongzhu rushed up and stretched out his arms to block the arrow.

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