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Know the Benefits of Beijing Grass (Angel Grass)

Beijing grass is the scientific name Murdannia loriformis (Hassk.) RSRao & Kammathy, the other is identified as Murdannia bracteata (CBClarke) JKMorton ex DYHong (synonyms Science Aneilema bracteatum (CBClarke) Kuntze, Aneilema kuntzei CBClarke ex Kuntze anum. CBClarke bracteatum, Murdannia bracteata (CB Clarke) Kuntze ex JK Morton), which is in the Plab family (COMMELINACEAE).

Beijing Grass Herb There are other local names that are grass angels (general), longevity (city people), Leng Chu (Chinese), Ng-Ae Ni Er Cha (Mandarin), etc.

Beijing grass or angel grass, originated in Xishuangbanna region, Yunnan province, China, has a scientific name called Murdannia loriformis, is a monocotyledon in the family. Commelinaceae Nowadays it is popular to grow Beijing grass everywhere in every part of Thailand. Characteristics of Beijing grass, about 10 cm tall, with a single, smooth and arranged alternately. Leaves are clustered near the root, with strips of strips 1.5-2.0 cm wide, 15-20 cm long, the leaves at the top of the short tops. than The edges of the leaves are frilly (ciliate) at the inflorescences at the top of the nook. Divided into tightly branched branches The ornamental leaf area resembles a leaf area but smaller. The stem is slightly curved. The leaf area is translucent and has a size of approximately 4 mm. The blue or purple-blue petals and fall easily at the calyx oval or oval, 3 mm in size and in the area where the stamens are complete, there are 2.

grass cultivation Beijing grass is a plant that grows well on loamy and sandy soil. Like soft sunlight, don’t like too much sunlight Beijing grass planting, therefore, must prepare the soil first, starting from

  1. Prepare 3 parts loam and mix 1 part sandy soil. Mix together to dry. Add manure or dry compost.
  2. To bring the Beijing grass separated from the original tree Put it in the soil that has been prepared Spaced about 1 mete in each tree. On average, when the Beijing grass grows and grows, it will expand to each other
  3. Beijing grass planting Can bring seeds to plant in another way By taking the seeds from the old Beijing grass flower to crush and scrape Then sprinkled on the prepared soil By taking about 2 weeks, the seeds will germinate and grow And should be watered once a day, in the summer should be watered in the morning and evening time And take care not to let the water flood Because of Beijing grass, if there is already water Beijing grass may die. Therefore, the most important thing is planting Beijing grass is to prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers for soil maintenance or insecticides. Because the said method is not suitable for bringing the said Beijing grass to treat various diseases

Beijing grass properties
Traditional Chinese medicine uses Beijing grass to alleviate respiratory symptoms and expel toxins from the body. For the original drug formula in Thailand Beijing grass is classified as a cold medicine. Has properties to stimulate the immune system in the body of cancer patients of various types

How to use is to drink squeezed juice from the roots of Beijing grass for healing. Currently, the use of Beijing grass is also to help prolong life and reduce the side effects of modern medicine for more than 30 years, according to current scientific research in Thailand. Beijing grass received research support from Mahidol University in 2017. 1989-1994 and research results in the Pharmaceutical Organization of Thailand in 2016 1999-2000 and the Department of Medical Sciences of Thailand in the year (2003) and Chiang Mai University, Thailand And the National Cancer Institute of Thailand And various donations from the private sector. At present, it has created many knowledge on cancer prevention of Beijing grass properties.

In Beijing grass, there is a substance that has shown to inhibit cancer cells, namely Glycosides (Glycosphingolipid), known as G1b, may have the effect of modulating the immune system. Therefore, G1b is expected to not only inhibit the effect of cancer cells directly on breast cancer cells, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and liver cancer. Preliminary test tubes also found that G1b also has the property to increase white blood cells in vitro culture.

In Thailand, Beijing grass is used to treat symptoms of various cancers, such as throat cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, uterine cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer And leukemia Leukemia (Leukemia) etc.

  1. By bringing 6 Beijing grass that has been washed clean Bring to blender or pound it. Add 4 tablespoons of water and squeeze only half of the water. Used to drink half an hour before breakfast and before bedtime for a total of 2 times (both beginning)
  2. Helps to adjust the immune system in the body. By taking medication (Beijing Grass Squeezing) This is not more than 4-6 weeks and should be stopped during the medication. By taking the drug continuously for 5-6 days, then stop the drug for 4-5 days. Do this until the end (both beginning).
  3. Helps to refresh the body, nourish energy and help balance the body. Allowing various organs to work efficiently (both beginning)
  4. Used as an elixir By bringing the freshly extracted Beijing grass to combine the roots to wash thoroughly Bring to boil with water. After boiling, add enough honey to drink for 3 times a day to help keep you healthy, long life, free from illness (whole beginning)
  5. Used to treat patients with low white blood cells With fatigue, weight loss when using Beijing grass herbs Will find that white blood cells increase Weight gain (whole tree)
    . Ubon Ratchathani folk medicine doctor will use whole tree to boil with drinking water as medicine to help lower blood sugar levels. Cure diabetes (whole tree)
  6. Helps to prevent and treat high and low blood pressure (both beginning).
  7. Helps to prevent and treat thyroid disease (both beginning)
  8. The flower has properties as a heart tonic (blossom).
  9. The whole Beijing grass is tasteless, moist, a cold medicine against the lungs. Has properties to help detoxify, heat, neutralize fever, cure fever, heat the fever in the lungs (both beginning)
  10. Chinese medicine texts will use Beijing grass as a treatment and relief of symptoms of respiratory disease (both).
  11. Use as a cough syrup (whole beginning)
  12. Beijing grass has properties that help treat sore throats (both beginning).
  13. Used as a hot medicine in the lungs (both from the beginning)
  14. Ton has properties as a remedy for gastric and intestinal diseases (beginning).
  15. Use as an antidote for dysentery (both beginning)
  16. Used to treat gonorrhea (true gonorrhea) with the use of whole plants boiled to eat with honey (whole tree)
  17. Used as an internal or external abscess for pus (swelling).
  18. Helps to cure nephritis (flower)
  19. For those with chronic wounds The use of this herb. Found to cause the wound to dry No pus and lymph (whole tree)
  20. Used as an anti-inflammatory, pain, swelling by using the whole tree to apply to the area that is (both).
  21. Chinese medicine uses Beijing grass as a detoxification, detoxifies, detoxifies the residue from the body (whole plant).
  22. Used to prevent various diseases By eating fresh Beijing grass (washed) or cooked as a dip in chili dipping time By eating 14 days a day (leaves)
  23. Beijing grass has been used as a component in traditional Chinese medicine for over 1,000 years and is used as an elixir. Helps increase the balance of the system in the body Increase the body’s immunity By stimulating the production of white blood cells in the body (whole beginning)
  24. Beijing grass has the property to increase the growth and development of white blood cells. Helps to repair cells Helps to enhance the function of the liver and spleen (both plants)

There are also other information that identifies the many benefits of Beijing grass. Only the said information does not have reliable sources. Therefore do not know for certain whether the Beijing grass will have the properties or not. In which, the information has stated properties except that I have already mentioned that Beijing grass can help nourish the heart. Treatment of heart disease Coronary heart disease, cure migraine, allergy, helps the digestive system to work better. Dehydrated lymph And also be able to bring Beijing grass to mask the various wounds as well, such as herpes zoster, shingles, diabetes, etc. (This part, I read from the website that sells Beijing grass herbs)

Note: The collection used for the beginning. (Only the parts above the soil, stems and leaves) that are aged 3-4 months or more, or beginning to bloom. As for how to use Beijing-based grass If the drug is dry, use only 10-15 grams at a time, but if fresh, use 20-30 grams at a time. Bring to boil with water or to squeeze low, only eat water.

How to use
traditional Beijing grass, originally used to treat cancer patients according to folk medicine texts.

  • Preparation of juice from Beijing grass Will use the leaves or the whole Beijing grass (Only the part above the ground) about 100-120 grams
  • Soaked with potassium permanganate for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then rinse with clean water to clean
  • After that, cut the Beijing grass into small pieces and then squeeze the water with a centrifuge.
  • Take the juice that has been poured through a thin white cloth and squeeze the water out of the waste. Will get about 60 millimeters of squeezed juice to be used for drinking before breakfast and dinner (30 milliliters at a time and is the recommended size for adults with an average body weight of 60 kilograms, but if a child, reduce the amount by half)
  • By drinking for 7 consecutive days and stopping 4 days (to prevent overeating), which can be prepared from Beijing grass juice can be used for 2-3 days by keeping in the refrigerator.
  • But many of you may encounter the problem that Beijing grass water is stink and drink for too long
  • We can fix by mixing honey into it. By dissolving honey with a little warm water and then slowly mixing the Beijing grass in a glass Estimate the amount of sweetness Will help to make eating easier

Squeeze recipe

  • To clean the grass, Beijing 3 trees to pound thoroughly in a clay mortar or wood mortar.
  • Then add 2 tablespoons of boiled water, filter through with a thin white cloth Let adults eat 2 tablespoons at a time, 2 times a day, half an hour before breakfast and before going to bed. For children, reduce the amount by half or shift as appropriate.

Spinning formula

  • Use about 6-7 fresh Beijing grasses and roots that have been washed thoroughly. Put in a blender and half a glass of water. Then blended with a fruit juice blender Finished, filter out the waste with a sieve. Bring to share, drink 2 times a day as mentioned

Bolus recipe

  • Use fresh Beijing grass, both the roots and roots that have been washed. Bring to dry in the sun, completely dry. (With 10 kilograms of fresh Beijing grass, when dried, will weigh about 1 kilograms), then grind dried Beijing grass into powder mixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 1 and mold into bolus Used to eat 6 tablets 2 times a day before breakfast and before going to bed.

Braised Recipe

  • Use fresh Beijing grass, both trees and roots that have been washed and washed into 10 pots. Add enough water to flood the medicine. Then stew until decomposed, taking about 8 hours and then drinking the solution to drink different water every day And should be stewed day by day (Not sure if using this method The medicinal properties will be reduced or not. But better to use the first method)

Mayu recipe

  • Use the whole Beijing grass, including 1 kg of washed roots and 3 cold boiled water. The Mekong is round in a blender. Blender with a blender
  • Then squeezed only the water by filtering the debris out with a clean white cloth. Will get dark green water and bubbles To fill in the bottle, close the lid tightly, keep in the refrigerator under the freezer. Drink 1 cup 2 times a day, half an hour before breakfast and before bedtime.
  • If combined with honey, it will be easier to drink. The remaining waste will be boiled and then squeezed instead of water.

Caution in the use of Beijing grass

  • Beijing grass has an effect as a cold medicine. Should not be used continuously for too long If eaten continuously for many years without stopping May cause dehydration, limb numbness, muscle atrophy until unable to walk But when stopped eating, these symptoms will disappear.
  • If using more than the limit will affect the immune system.
  • The side effect of eating this herb is that the body temperature rises to around 0.5-1 degrees Celsius.
  • Reactions or side effects during the first 7-10 days after eating May cause irritability, insomnia, or fever, may have blood and pus out of the feces Urine may have a foul smell, like fish wash water, for example. But it doesn’t mean that everyone or every meal will be, and when all the symptoms will go away, don’t panic because the medication is working.
  • The leaves of Beijing grass when touching the skin will cause allergic reactions Itching Because the leaves contain many dark crystalline calcium oxalate crystals and approximately 0.1% of inorganic salts of sodium and potassium.

Guidelines for the use of Beijing grass
Peking grass is useful only when the age is appropriate, meaning that if the grass is grown by means of grafting, must be aged 3 months or more, but if planted by seeds, Beijing grass must be older than 5 months, therefore Can be collected and used as medicine Because Beijing grass that does not reach the said time, substance G1b will not be created in the tree that has not yet reached the age. Therefore, the collection or use of other sources You must be confident that the Beijing grass has reached the required age. Otherwise, the grass will not have the desired healing properties.

Because Beijing grass is shaped like many kinds of grass (such as Malaysian grass), which will not have the same properties as Beijing grass. Because there have been consumers buying in the market already But when brought back to check, not Beijing grass Therefore, before buying for consumption You must first be confident that it is the real Beijing grass.

The reason that Beijing grass has to be washed before being used for medicine. Because Beijing grass is an herb covering the ground The grass is contaminated with soil microbes. The use must be ensured that it is clean (Read 16 ways to clean vegetables and fruits to be safe) until free from microbes. If washing is not clean Bringing freshly squeezed drinks Will also drink microbes in the soil Causing cancer patients who are already immune to May be more dangerous than normal people

The drug should not be boiled or simmered. Because it will greatly destroy the medicinal properties Therefore it is best to use fresh squeezing methods instead.

While taking this medicine Should refrain from slang, such as hatching cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, morning glory, bamboo shoots, radishes, including foods considered cold Because it will cause the therapeutic effect of Beijing grass to decrease [9], [11]
because Beijing grass is a cold medicine Some people eat and may cause cold hands and feet. It is recommended to eat with hot ginger to help balance. Nevertheless The use of Beijing grass in cancer patients should be under the supervision of a doctor or specialist. This is for the safety and maximum effectiveness of treatment. [10]

Pharmacological information of Beijing grass

  • Freshly squeezed juice from Beijing grass contains Glycosphingolipid (G1b), the chemical name 1B-OD-glucopyranosy1-2- (2′-hydroy-6′-ene-cosamide) -sphingosine (G1b)
    Beijing grass is an herb with potential for cancer treatment. Which is currently under study (This reference book was printed in 1992)
  • According to In vitro, Cytoxic is a cancer-causing substance. But there is still no clear confirmation. (This reference book was printed in 2011)
  • In Thailand, cancer patients drink freshly squeezed juice from above Beijing grass trees. To help extend the life and reduce the side effects of modern medicine for over 30 years, found that the substance that inhibits cancer cell activity in Beijing grass is Glyphosolphinolides. (Glycosphingolipid), called G1b, which is a polar group of fat that is a component of skin cells Is a substance that is responsible for the immune system, so it is expected that in addition to having direct inhibitory effect on cancer cells on breast cancer cells, lung cancer, colon cancer and liver cancer at a moderate level in vitro This substance may also have a protective effect on the immune system. From the initial experiment, it was found that substance G1b can increase the ratio of CD3, CD4 and CD3, CD8 on the surface of white blood cells cultured on 3-7 days (this information was published in 2013).
  • The extracts from Beijing grass have reduced the severity of cancer spread in mice. Therefore, it is expected that Beijing grass may be used to prevent cancer In addition, Beijing grass has anti-mutation in the genes caused by various mutations such as AFB1 and Beijing grass extract also has an enzyme induction effect. DT-diaphorase Which has the role of destroying cancer causing toxins
  • Beijing grass showed no acute toxicity or subchronic toxicity in rats. And without eating for 3 months, no abnormal effects were observed on growth and various organs. Squeezing juice from Beijing grass did not cause growth disorders. Blood chemistry and pathology of major organs of rats were tested with LD50 values ​​when given by feeding over 120 grams of rats per kilogram of body weight. Which is equivalent to 300 times the size used for treatment in humans Therefore it is considered an herb that is safe in accordance with the criteria of the World Health Organization.

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