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Feng Shui enhances prestige in the office

The first point is excellence – affecting health. Career roles when healthy Fortune work results will follow, but if feng shui this office is bad, it will result in a wrong decision, which the decision to miss a large event once can have a serious impact on the business.

About Feng Shui Bedroom The methods are almost as follows:

  1. Focus on Room appearance The direction that Ricci can enter the room And the location of the office As for the position of the desk and the second important direction
  2. With a clear hall in front of the room.
  3. The office room shape should be only square. Because it is clay Provide stability Other shapes cause Riccci to become unbalanced. (Oval shape suitable for conference rooms)
  4. The T-shaped room or L-shape room is not balanced and the Pacquiao is absent and causes Sassy. Be careful how to fix it: put the cabinet to close the corner, Sassy or work desk. Like different parts Each part becomes a square
  5. The work table should be placed in the Yin position. If positioned, Yang will make it unbalanced and have a healthy effect. Behind the desk should be a solid wall rather than an open space.
  6. The desk position should clearly see the door to go in and out of the room so that people who walk in and out of the room clearly. By not being too close to the entrance
  7. Beams or frosted holes Above the work table will press Ricci both health and work. Including the position of the air conditioner above the table And sloping ceilings Inappropriate Qi Solve by moving to the higher side of the ceiling slope.
  8. Tok works directly with the bathroom door, with Ricci correcting by finding a scene higher than the door to block.
  9. Study room in basement or basement If the light doesn’t reach, Ricci won’t circulate badly. More suitable for storage room
  10. Study room above the kitchen Only affects when the stove is hot. If the ceiling is high, it will not help.
  11. The middle pillar of the room. The flow of the chi in the room. And is a sassy in every corner of the table
  12. The door of the room looks out to the corner of the room as opposed to Sachi, by placing the cabinet in the corner.
  13. Bathroom upstairs Above the office Focusing on the table under the toilet bowl should be avoided.
  14. The door of the room matches the bathroom door. The result straight to the bathroom. Not circulating in the room Solve by placing furniture blocking.
  15. A good work desk, the table leg should be not too dense. Because the principles of feng shui consider the energy flow as the main

However, the above principles are only good feng shui Chaiyaphum principles, which should be discussed with experienced Feng Shui in order to use the principles of feng shui in other subjects to enhance, such as finding a sitting position with fortune. Or good acts Which these sitting positions are very important, which the feng shui organizer should be consulted with experienced Feng.

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