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A wealthy ex-wife (Novel)

A wealthy ex-wife (Novel)
Other Name: One Night Crisis: Noble Pre-wife / A Critical Overnight: The Ex-Wife / 一夜危情:豪门天价前妻 , 豪门天价前妻 / Ex-wife of A Billionaire / The Expensive Ex-wife of a Wealthy Family / Ex-wife of A Billionaire / Haomen Tianjia Qianqi / Ex-wife of A Billionaire ( Haomen Tianjia Qianqi )

Genre: novel, President, romance
next month Hunxiao
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Framed by her brother, she was sent to the bed of a strange man. One night, she lost her body, her father accidentally fell off the building, her mother suffered a heart attack… she lost everything. When there was nowhere to go, he came to her like a god. He said: “I need an obedient wife.” She said: “I am greedy for vanity, as long as money!”

In this way, Jian Mo became a famous married wife of the Luo family famous Gu Jiachen. After two years of marriage, she hung the title of his wife in front of his bed. From time to time, she had to cope with his scandal. When facing the clamoring Xiaosan, she also had to satisfy him. The habit that lasted for two years made her fall into this game… an accident, a bead dark knot, he suddenly exposed his mysterious girlfriend to the public.

He said: She is the only person I want to love in my life, Jian Mo, let’s divorce. She smiled calmly, and signed a divorce agreement to leave…without nostalgia. But, why did this man appear diligently in front of her after the divorce, disturbing her life, and even… driving away her suitors? He said: Who let that stormy night, you strengthen me? Isn’t it responsible? Jian Mo is furious, Gu Beichen, you are right and wrong…beast!

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