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9 Super Foods that have Higher in Calcium than Milk

Why is calcium important to your good health? Calcium plays a very important role in the body. Because our body has the main physical structure, which is the bone, in which calcium is a component of the bone including the teeth. That means From birth to the present, we need calcium for our body’s growth. Children who want to high must consume calcium. And if we receive an insufficient amount of calcium Will cause health problems that follow, whether it will affect slow growth Brittle bones Osteoporosis

In addition, various chemical processes in the body That we can’t see with the naked eye Still has calcium as a part Control of the muscles of various parts Communication at the cellular level Nervous system and brain function Production of certain hormones Including controlling the heartbeat too The recommended daily calcium intake is 1,000 milligrams for adults and want to increase to 1,200 milligrams from the age of 50 years on wards.

Most people will understand that if they want to get a high amount of calcium Have to drink a lot of milk, which is not wrong. But if we have another options that are higher in calcium content than milk is offering to you Eating each meal would not be boring anymore.

1. Cheese

Cheese is a product of milk protein. Therefore, cheese is a food that is 2 times more calcium than milk, such as Parmesan cheese and also provides high energy. But lactose is less than milk. Cheese is another way to eat calcium. And is also a good snack For children in the growing age period as well So try switching from the original menu to spaghetti carbonara Macaroni with Shrimp Cream Sauce Or Caesar salad, add Parmesan cheese and grated into it is also delicious and very useful. But beware of being fat too Eat enough for good health.

2. Yoghurt (natural flavor, not sweet)

Another reason for people who are allergic to cow’s milk protein Choose to eat yogurt instead. Because yogurt is made from fermented milk and digested by useful microbes Into small molecules That the body is more easily absorbed and less allergic than eating cow’s milk directly In addition, yogurt contains microbes that are very useful for the digestive system. Not only that, when we consume the amount of yogurt equal to milk. Also get more calcium because the microbes in yogurt help absorb calcium too.

3. Seeds

Most seeds are rich in many useful nutrients such as white sesame, black sesame, flex seeds, chia seeds, especially black sesame, which are considered to be very high in calcium. And up to 8 times more than cow’s milk. Knowing this already Feel free to pick up roasted black sesame seeds and sprinkle them in your diet to increase calcium daily, or choose to chill a cup of chilled black sesame milk. Benefit as well as delicious as well.

4. Sardines

If you are in the period of losing weight Sardines are the right food for you. Because apart from getting high protein Only good fat for the body Another important thing is that you also get very high amounts of calcium. Because canned sardines are extremely easy to find You can eat both the meat and the soft bones. Which has a lot of calcium used to nourish your bones.

5. Almonds

If looking for snacks while relaxing. No matter while sitting in the car Appetizers while working or enjoy eating while watching TV programs Try picking a small canned almond next to it. Picked up to enjoy, delicious, crispy, sweet, it can not stop at all. And also full your stomach because of high fiber Moreover, you will get more calcium than milk. Both nourish bones and have properties to nourish the brain. Slow down the occurrence of Alzheimer’s as well.

6. Legumes

In addition to beans eaten as seeds, such as black beans, white beans, red beans, which we all know that these seeds are rich in benefits, both high protein. High in vitamins and minerals Especially calcium minerals But remember to think of legumes that are eaten like pods, lentils, betel nuts, peas. These beans are also excellent foods. Is a source of protein And very high calcium It also contains substances that help to absorb very high calcium.

7. Rhubarb

This might surprise you! Rhubarb is a plant full of calcium, vitamin K, both of which work together to prevent osteoporosis. And with a sour taste Still able to cook many things And make jam is delicious However, there are precautions when eating rhubarb. Because it has very high oxalate in the leaves To choose to eat only their purple-red stalks.

8. Figs

Dried figs, in addition to being high in antioxidants With many fibers And still having higher calcium than eating other dried fruits Change to the same snack Is dried figs Not boring Useful for health You will get both high calcium and not fat as well.

9. whey protein

Things that are popular among health lovers. And exercise Do not miss is whey protein because it contains amino acids and proteins. Including calcium that is abundant in whey protein In addition to getting more muscle, choosing whey protein You also have good and strong bone quality at the same time.

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