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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 24 Recap

Zhu Zhanji was forced to choose Hu Shanxiang as his grandson, Hu Shanxiang killed and frowned. Princess Zhang Yan was worried that she would become a grandson in the future and she would be uncontrollable. She might as well choose Hu Shanxiang, who is loyal and loyal . Crown Princess wake Ju Chi let him ask Zhu Zhanji in the end is how to think. Zhu Gaochi came to Zhu Zanji’s room and asked about the situation. Zhu Zanji told Zhu Gaochi that he wanted to choose Sun Ruowei as his concubine. Zhu Gaochi said that the princess wanted to choose Hu Shanxiang. After all, he didn’t choose the person he liked. It was also said that Zhu Xi was about to march on the road, and Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu , who held the military power, were inseparable . Zhu Gaochi was persuading Zhu Zhanji to choose Hu Shanxiang as his consort.

When Zhu Zhanji picked up Ruyi and was about to hand it to Sun Ruowei, Zhu Rong suddenly reminded Zhu Zhanji to let him figure out who to give to him. Zhu Zhanji struggled for a long time. For the sake of the overall situation, he still gave Ruyi Hu Shanxiang, Hu Shanxiang was so flattered that he knelt down and took over Ruyi. Zhu Zhanji put the sachet in Sun Ruowei’s hand again, holding Sun Ruowei’s hand for a long time. After choosing the concubine, Zhu Zhanji rushed to Zhu Xi and left.

The palace girl secretly confided to Hu Shanxiang and said that Xinmei told Hu Shanxiang’s previous scandal yesterday with other female officials. Heartbrow came to Hu Shanxiang, saying that he wanted to take her sister Ange into the palace together, Hu Shanxiang did not stop. After finishing the browsing, I took Zhu Zhanji’s Ruyi to Hu Shenxiang and carefully looked at it. Her eyes were full of envy, and she let Hu Shanxiang say good things to her sister at that time. Hu Shanxiang did not refuse, and she was very proud of her brows. Changes in Hu Shanxiang’s look.

In the evening, Hu Shanxiang and Xinmei set up a table of wine. Hu Shanxiang questioned his eyebrows. Why did she say that Hu Shangyi brought her out of the Han Palace? Hu Shanxiang frightened her and said she slandered the prince and committed a serious crime. My eyebrows trembled, and I dare not refute. Hu Shanxiang suddenly laughed, saying that he was playing with Xinmei, Xinmei couldn’t believe it, but saw that Hu Shanxiang did not continue to blame, so he sat up and drank Hu Shanxiang’s own wine, Hu Shanxiang was already here The medicine was put in the wine, and his heartbrow was extinguished.

Yu Qian was led to the barracks and handed it to a man named Haas Zhuzi, saying that he was going to be a little Sima under the fourth senior, and the fourth senior told Yu Qian about raising horses. In the evening, Haas Zhuzi saw that Yu Qian was bubbling, poured wine on him, and talked to Yu Qianpan. The two had a fate, and Haas Zhuzi took great care of Qian. Yang Shiqi and Zhu Gaojiu Zhu Gaojiu quarreled about the battle. Yang Shiqi talked about the difficulties in the supply of grain and grass, but Zhu Qi insisted on going out.

In the evening, Zhu Xi asked Sun Ruowei if he was angry because he didn’t get his wish. Zhu Zhanji said that Sun Ruowei didn’t take care of whether he got Ruyi. Zhu Xi suddenly said that Sun Ruowei was angry. She couldn’t kill her grandson. Zunji saw that Zhu Xi had known Sun Ruowei’s identity as an orphan of Jing Di, and was scared to kneel in front of Zhu Xi. Zhu Xi was a little disappointed and gave Zhu Zhanji so many opportunities, but Zhu Zhanji never told the truth. Zhu Rong asked Zhu Zhanji whether he loved power or Sun Ruowei more. Zhu Zhanji did not answer. Zhu Rong asked Zhu Zhanji again. If Sun Ruowei’s identity was broken one day, how should Zhu Zhanji be at home? . Zhu Zhanji dare not refute, but had to plead guilty, but just interceded for Sun Ruowei and let Zhu Xi spare Sun Ruowei’s life. Zhu Xi told him that if he loves Sun Ruowei more, he can help him arrange a place and take Sun Ruowei to be at ease. If he loves power more, he must be prepared to be an lonely man. Zhu Xi asked Zhu Zhanji to go back and think about it. .

In Hu Shanxiang’s palace, all the maids are celebrating Hu Shanxiang. Some maids hurriedly reported and said that Hu Shangyi was here.

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