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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 23 Recap

Zhu Xi manages to order Yu Qian to play for Zhu Zhanji Zhu Gaojiu recommends Hu Shanxiang as a show girl. Ju Chi and Yu Qian in Yongle outside the palace waiting all night, Yu Qian waking from a dream, but can not remember what he was doing things yesterday, Zhu Zhanji out and say let Zhu Di Yu Qian write policies on a frontier, well written Forgive him. Yu Qian said nothing, and began struggling. After Yu Qian’s Ping Rongce was written, Zhu Zhanji handed it to Zhu Xi, and Zhu Xi suddenly stood up after reading it. Zhu Zhanji couldn’t guess Zhu Xi’s meaning and was afraid to speak. After a long time, Zhu Xi finally spoke. The talent is very surprised.

Zhu Xi summoned Yu Qian, and Yu Qian spoke to Zhu Xi. The herdsmen in the border and border areas exchanged business with each other. As long as the market is well-opened, they can surpass one million troops. When Zhu Zhanji saw that Zhu Xi did not speak, he asked Zhu Xi to compile Yu Qian into the army. If Yu Qian made a mistake in the future, he would bear it himself. After Yu Qian stepped down, Zhu Zhanji finally relaxed. It turned out that Zhu Xi deliberately let Zhu Zhanji subdue Yu Qian, let Yu Qian put into Zhu Zhanji’s door and play for Zhu Zhanji in the future. Zhu Xi told him that such talents can be difficult, but they must not be killed.

In the evening, when Sun Ruowei was having dinner, Zhu Zhanji offered a treasure to Sun Ruowei, and said that he would inlay the pearl in the phoenix crown in the future, but Sun Ruowei was very polite and unwilling to accept it. Zhu Zanji saw Sun Ruowei’s indifference and wanted to talk with Sun Ruowei. He even felt that being a thief with Sun Ruowei was more kind to himself than he is now. Zhu Zanji told Sun Ruowei that they were not the only one between them. Conspiracy and tricks, he hoped that the two of them could meet each other. Zhu Zhanji decided to wait until Sun Ruowei opened his mouth to talk to himself. Before leaving, Zhu Zhanji told Sun Ruowei that before Sun Yu died, he would promise Sun Ruowei happiness.

After Zhu Zhanji left, Princess Zhang Yan accompanied Sun Ruowei to eat. The crown prince tested the acquaintance between the two. Zhu Zanji was worried about the situation in the house and wanted Zhu Gaochi to enter the house to see the situation. At this time, the princess was telling Sun Ruowei to pay attention to their marriage. Zhu Zhanji and the others were still shoving each other. When they saw the princess coming out, they stood up quickly, and the princess didn’t say anything about them either.

Hu Shanxiang took outhis heartbrow and took out Zhu Gaojiao ‘s gift. Hu Shanxiang brought the box of jewellery to Zhu Gaojiao and wanted to return it. Hu Shanxiang also proposed that if Zhu Gaojiao could recommend her draft girl, she would repay with her life and death. Hu Shanxiang knew that if she was recommended by Zhu Gaojiao, she would not be rejected. On the other side, my heartbrow came to Hu Shangyi to ventilate a letter. Hu Shangyi hurried to Han Palace. After being slapped by the princess, she went straight to the room to meet Hu Shanxiang.

At this time, Hu Shanxiang was in a messy clothes, with a look of embarrassment. There were injuries, apparently after being tortured by Zhu Gaojiu. Hu Shangyi took Hu Shanxiang back distressedly. Seeing that Hu Shanxiang was injured, Xinming kept asking Hu Shanxiang what happened in the Han Palace yesterday, but Hu Shanxiang would not let her ask any more.

Zhu Gaozhen recommended Hu Shanxiang as a show girl, and the princess saw Zhu Gao’s discount, and planned to see Zhu Hua. At this time, Zhu Xi and Zhu Gaojiu Zhu Gaojiu were discussing the expedition. Zhu Gaoxi took the initiative to wait for the battle, they took the initiative to go to Fanfan, the two kneeled down and said goodbye to Zhu Xi, let him take care of his body, when Zhu Xizhen sighed, the princess arrived. The crown prince and Zhu Gaozong acted in harmony as a brother-in-law in front of Zhu Xi. Zhu Xi was very satisfied and said that they would go out when Zhu Zhanji got married. The crown prince returned to the east palace. Hu Shanxiang was kneeling and waiting for the princess. The princess could not understand how Hu Shanxiang convinced Zhu Gaojiao. Hu Shanxiang said that he told the princess that the princess gave the princess a credit.

In the evening, Zhu Xi told Zhu Zhanji that in accordance with the rules, Taisun Concubine should take Ruyi, Taisun Jun took a sachet. He asked Zhu Zhanji who he would be a concubine and who would be a concubine. It’s inevitable that Zhu Gaojiang would look down on him and not give him face. Zhu Xi persuaded Zhu Zhanji, Hu Shanxiang understood the rules, and there would be no trouble at that time, but Zhu Zhanji was dissatisfied, and when Zhu Xi saw this, he let Zhu Zhanji chose according to his own mind, and when something happened, he helped him.

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