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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 21 Recap

Hu Shanxiang came to Hu Shangyi, showing his determination to be a show girl. Hu Shangyi intends to stop Hu Shanxiang, but Hu Shanxiang is determined, hoping that Hu Shangyi will not block her way anymore and will continue to filial her in the future. Although Hu Shangyi was frustrated, she finally agreed to let Hu Shanxiang be a show girl.

Zhu Zhanji came to visit Sun Yu and brought Sun Ruowei back to Prince’s House. Sun Ruowei did not make a noise, obediently left with Zhu Zhanji. Sun Zhu Zhanji see if the micro bit unhappy, she would vent its out, or in Yongle some dissatisfaction before, they will be beheaded. Sun Ruowei said that after Sun Yu’s departure, she had buried her hate. Zhu Zhanji laughed at Sun Ruowei, who was completely different from her past. Zhu Zhanma asked Sun Ruowei whether he had cooked the three generations of backs up. Although Sun Ruowei answered them one by one, Zhu Zhanji did not feel any sincerity. Sun Ruo slightly burned in anger, indicating that her heart had beenforced to deathby him and Xu Bin . Zhu Zhanji pushed her to the corner in a hurry, but Sun Ruowei did not have any resistance, and Zhu Zhanji did not intend to do anything, so he turned away.

Zhu Xi called Zhu Gaoyu to his eyes, and scolded him to stop the Yongle ceremony during the period of imprisonment, which led to the common people’s misery and misery. Zhu Gaoji justified his attempt to raise money and help him, but Zhu Xi revealed it. Zhu Xi scolded Zhu Gaojiao for failing to supervise the country. Instead, Zhu Gaojia had been supervising the country for 20 years and was very organized. As soon as Zhu Gaojiu was in jail, he was full of power all day and nothing happened. Zhu Xi talked about that although Zhu Gaochi couldn’t get 12,000, he could sell furniture on the street, but Zhu Gaochi drew the Minister of Central and Central China and gave them gold beans. After being reprimanded, Zhu Gaoxi took off his clothes on the spot and confronted Zhu Qi. Zhu Gaoxi decided not to compete for the crown prince, and he did not want to be Zhu Xi’s son. Instead, he went home and waited for Zhu Xi’s order. The father-in-law kneeled for mercy on behalf of Zhu Gaoyu. Zhu Xi not only was not angry, but shouted to the sky.

Zhu Gaochi learned from Zhu Xi’s personal eunuch that Zhu Qi was crazy, and then Zhu Gaoji told him that Zhu Gaoji was also crazy. Zhu Gaochi did not know the truth of the matter, so he followed Zhu Gaoyu to the Han Palace. At this time, Zhu Gaojiao’s house was holding a funeral. Zhu Gaoji expelled everyone, leaving only Zhu Gaojiao to persuade Zhu Gaojiao. Zhu Gaoyu comforted him not to get angry with Zhu Xi, but Zhu Gaoyu was so fed up with Zhu Xi’s temper that he decided not to ask him for forgiveness anymore and lay in the coffin in anger. Zhu Gaochi persuaded Zhu Gaojiao to come out quickly, but Zhu Gaojiao couldn’t be more angry. At this time, Zhu Xi came with the imperial edict, and covered the coffin for Zhu Gaoyu. Zhu Gaojiao and Zhu Gaoxi made a commotion, called the helm to the wind, called the people in the Han Palace to grieve, and ordered Zhu Gaojiao to write a report to help him intercede in Zhu Qi.

After Zhu Gaochi and others left, Zhu Gaochi broke the coffin but did not leave. Zhu Gaocheng ordered Princess Han to take some silver and send the father-in-law to leave, lied that he would take some time to write his penance. After the father-in-law left, Princess Han was ready to come to paper and ink. Zhu Gaochang turned his face into disapproval and decided to stalemate with Zhu Xi. He refused to apologize to him. Princess Han tried to persuade Zhu Gaoji, but he was unwilling to admit it. Zhu Gaoji also knew that if he came out, Zhu Xi had a reason to scold himself. He asked Princess Han to call Zhu Gaoji to discuss countermeasures. At this time, the sound of firecrackers came from the sky, and Zhu Gaoyu was even more angry when he mistakenly thought that everyone was celebrating his training. Princess Han explained to him that today is the time for the imperial examinations to be released, and of course the city is playing drums and drums.

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