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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 20 Recap

Sun Ruowei rushed to Sun Yu ‘s residence. When she saw Xu Bin guardingherat the door, she most likely guessed that Sun Yu had killed herself to protect her. Sun Ruowei wanted to stop all this, but Xu Bin told her to let Sun Yuan leave quietly. Sun Ruowei found herself taking a step late. When she opened the door and saw that Sun Yu had drank the poison, she was so distressed and more determined to avenge her father.

The next day, Xu Bin and Sun Ruowei buried Sun Yu. At this time, Nie Xing heard Sun Yu’s death and came to visit him. Nie Xing decided to avenge Sun Yu and insisted on taking Sun Ruowei away. Xu Bin stopped in time, and the two kept arguing. At this time, Sun Ruowei suddenly spoke, saying that they had misunderstood Sun Yu’s meaning. Sun Yuzheng is dead because he finds someone who can entrust his life to Sun Ruowei. Nie Xing didn’t believe Sun Ruowei’s remarks, and scolded her whether she would marry his father and his enemies. Sun Ruowei did not answer, but reprimanded Xu Bin for not stopping Sun Yu’s suicide. Xu Bin couldn’t say anything. Sun Ruowei decided to keep filial piety for Sun Yu for three months. After three months, she buried her hate and forgot everything she had married into the palace. She didn’t want to be changed by anyone’s will any more.

Zhang Yan ‘s brother Zhang Kejianlost Zhu Gaochi ‘s silverovernight. Zhu Gaochi sought him for money, but Zhang Kejian took Zhang Yan as a shield, saying that Zhu Gaochi would become emperor in the future, so he would not have to be so shabby. Zhu Gaochi rebuked him in a fit of anger, but Zhang Kejian did not restrain, but talked about Zhu Xi’spreparation to lead a soldier to fight. Zhu Gaochi tried who leaked the news to him. Zhang Kejian said that the roasted charcoal was sold to the housekeeper to make gunpowder, and there were more than a thousand households overnight. Zhu Gaochi did not refute this.

Hu Shangyi came to Prince’s House to report to Zhang Yan about the precautions for Zhu Zhanji’s wedding. The princess calculated that the wedding would cost more than two million yuan, and she was worried about lack of money. The princess selected the show girl for a while, but none of them were pleasing to the eye. Zhang Yan asked Hu Shangyi and Hu Shanxiang whether he was loyal and clean. Hu Shangyi responded perfunctoryly, but the princess was pressing hard. At this moment, Hu Shangyi suddenly knelt down, hoping that she could let Hu Shanxiang pass, and he did not want Hu Shanxiang to suffer in the harem. The Crown Prince scolded Hu Shangyi and said that Hu Shanxiang hated Hu Shangyi when she heard this, but Hu Shangyi said that she didn’t want Hu Shanxiang to pounce on her because she was crying and tired at the palace.

The princess said that she did not want to listen to her, and ordered her to answer whether she was faithful and suitable for use. Hu Shangyi then admitted that Hu Shanxiang was smart and loyal. Hu Shanxiang returned to the palace, and the heartbrow told her that the crown of her grandson was made according to the size of Hu Shanxiang. Hu Shanxiang was worried about being stigmatized and stopped her from changing the size back. At this moment, Xinmei talked about Hu Shangyi stopping Hu Shanxiang from being a showgirl in front of the prince. Hu Shanxiang was not angry, but instead gave her a gift to Hu Shangyi. Hu Shanxiang found a congratulatory gift on the table. After calculation, he found that it was sent by Han Wang Zhu Gaoyu . After listening to Hu Shanxiang, he knew that he was in a good position to draft women.

Hu Shanxiang came to Hu Shangyi specifically, and told her to find someone to make up three generations, and set up her own door. All faults were borne by herself. Hu Shangyi ridiculed her, but Hu Shanxiang relented, saying that she had seen the end of Hu Shangyi, and even if she was working hard, she could only have an official position like Hu Shangyi, but in the end she would go to Nansan to take care of her. Hu Shanxiang did not want such an ending, and insisted on doing his best to become a concubine.
In the East Palace, the crown prince gave Zhu Gaochi the bill for Zhu Zhanji’s wedding. Zhu Gaochi saw the bill and had a headache. He didn’t know where to go to get the money.

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