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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 17 Recap

When Zhu Xi was about to kill Jianwen Emperor, Sun Ruowei stopped in time, which did not lead to a tragedy. Zhu Xi expressed his gratitude to Emperor Jianwen before leaving safely. As soon as Zhu Xi’s forefoot left, Emperor Jianwen kneeled to Sun Ruowei and asked her to apologize to his slaves. Sun Ruowei promised Jianwen Emperor, then Jianwen Emperor turned and left. After seeing the two emperors intact, Xu Bin released Zhu Zhanji . However, Zhu Zhanji threatened Xu Bin backhand, saying that he would fight a battle with him.

Although the emperor’s affairs had come to an end, the war between them had just begun. Zhu Zhanji threatened Xu Bin to leave early, but Xu Bin insisted on bringing Sun Ruowei together. Zhu Zhanji was very angry and fought a fight with him in a fit of anger. The two had a hard time dividing each other. In the end, Xu Bin defeated Zhu Zhanji by his own strength. Xu Bin did not assassinate Zhu Zhanji, but laid down his weapons, ironically Zhu Zhanji did not dare to move himself. Zhu Zhanji just planned to hack at him, but because he was worried that Sun Ruowei would be at odds with him, he had no choice but to let Xu Bin and others down the mountain.
Sun Ruowei and others escorted Zhu Xi back to the palace, while Nie Xing was hiding in the woods to ambush Zhu Xi. When Nie Xing took an arrow and pointed at Zhu Xi, he accidentally found that Sun Ruowei was in this team. Nie Xing was determined to take revenge and stabbed Jin Yiwei’s body with a sword.

The rest sent Zhu Xi away in time, leaving some others waiting. Sun Ruowei and Jin Yiwei went to find the assassin. Sun Ruowei did not know the true identity of the assassin, and stabbed Nie Xing with an arrow. Nie Xing hid in the woods. Sun Ruo pressed tightly. When she found out that the assassin was Nie Xing, she was shocked, but worried that Jin Yiwei would not let Nie Xing go, and she wanted to take Nie Xing away as soon as possible. Nie Xing warned Sun Ruowei, saying that the two had separated from her since then when Sun Ruowei agreed to help Zhu Xi. Sun Ruowei was disappointed, but still wanted to save Nie Xing’s life. Nie Xing dragged his heavy body to leave, and Sun Ruowei stepped forward with kindness, but was kicked by him. The old injury recurred and passed out.

When Jin Yiwei found the figure of Sun Ruowei, he brought her back to the palace in time. After hearing this, Xu Bin and Zhu Zhanji rushed back to the palace. Worried about Sun Ruowei’s injury, Zhu Zhanji decided to help her revenge. Then Sun Ruowei woke up in time, which prevented Zhu Zhanji from ordering to kill Nie Xing. Zhu Zhanma asked Sun Ruowei whether he would leave, Sun Ruowei had decided, and Zhu Zhanji said nothing.
Hu Shanxiang came to Jin Rong’s place to confess his teacher. In order to get revenge on the bullying of eunuchs around Jin Rong before, the two little eunuchs also knew that Hu Shan Xiang had come to revenge. Slap to calm Hu Shanxiang. Xinmei intends to show her goodness to Hu Shanxiang, hoping that she will have a lot of adults, and don’t tell her about the past. Hu Shanxiang didn’t care about it, and he didn’t bother to please, so he decided to be a slave to Hu Shanxiang all his life.

Regardless of whether Hu Shanxiang will be a concubine or a concubine in the future, she will follow her. Hu Shanxiang was worried about talking in a frown and stopped in time. Xinmei said that the princess was very satisfied with Hu Shanxiang. In the future, she will be a grandson. As long as she has some silver in her pocket, she can sit in the position of the grandson. Hu Shanxiang looked puzzled, and questioned the position of the concubine. Xinmei told her that as long as Hu Shanxiang bought a big official to be his family’s house, she would be absolutely secure to be a grandson.

Zhu Gaochi came to Zhu Gaochi , found that Zhu Gaochi was wearing a suit, and he repeatedly asked only to find that Zhu Gao had returned to the palace. Zhu Gaojiu said that Zhu Xi turned the two of them into play, but Zhu Gaochi didn’t care, and thought that as long as Zhu Xi was a little wrong, the two were the pawns in Zhu Xi’s hands. At this time Zhu Xi came to jail to find Yang Shiqi, and Zhu Xi asked Yang Shiqi who was more suitable as a prince. Yang Shiqi spoke of Zhu Gaochi with the risk of being killed. Only one Mingjun can sustain three generations. Zhu Xi’s heart was mixed, but he didn’t say anything.

On the second day, Zhu Gaojiu, Zhu Gaochi, Zhu Gaojiu and others came to the court early in the morning. The three brothers quarreled in the chapel. Zhu Xi felt a headache. So he rewarded Zhu Gaoji for the right to supervise the country. To prepare for future wars. The ministers congratulated Zhu Gaochi, but Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu were not in the heart.

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