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The Strong Return of the Reborn Giant

The strong return of the reborn giant (Manga)
Other Name: 重生豪门之强势归来

Genres: manga, Love, Crossing
Wanhuatong Comics
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The 3-year-old father is missing, the 15-year-old was broken his hand muscle, the 16-year-old mother was killed in a car accident, the 19-year-old was framed by his uncle, and at the age of 22, he was burned alive by his new husband and girlfriend. Maybe it was God’s sympathy that allowed her to return to 15 years old to live a new life. The low-key forbearance of the previous life was exchanged for betrayal and desolation. In this life, she has to be high-profile and domineering, so that those who bully her will not end well!

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