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Hold a Thigh, Good To Heaven

Hold a Thigh, Good To Heaven (Novel)
Other Name: 抱个大腿,好上天

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: July Liufang
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Ye Yanlong Shiyan, Ye Yan is the body of the most yin, because of this, when he was a child, he was sent to the ancestral house in the countryside by the Ye family and handed it to the ancestor. Raised by the master. After going to university and returning to the imperial capital, I met Long Shiyan, who possessed the sun body and purple energy by coincidence.

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He gave the painted talisman paper to Long Shiyan. He took four of them and walked to the tomb and said to the Ye Family Master: “Get the coffin up.” The coffin was hung up with a rope. Ye Yan glanced at it, as expected. The coffin of the Ye Family Patriarch is made of fine nanmu, and the coffin is still intact. Ye Yan stuck four coffins on the four corners of the coffin.

Then he took out the peach wood sword, with talisman paper pasted on the sword, and Ye Yan used the sword to draw a talisman on the front of the coffin to prevent the corpse in the coffin from cheating. After drawing the talisman, he said to Patriarch Ye: “Open.”

The coffin was quickly opened, and some young people from the Ye family consciously retreated to the back. Ye Yan looked into the coffin. It was empty and there was nothing inside.

Ye Yan’s face condensed, and the corpse was gone, or that there has been no corpse.

Patriarch Ye obviously also saw the situation in the coffin, pointed at the coffin dumbly, and said to Ye Yan in surprise: “This? How could this be?”

“I don’t know.” Responding to Patriarch Ye’s question coldly, Ye Yan turned around and wanted to look at the place where the coffin was just buried.

Long Shiyan stood beside him, stretched out his hand and took his arm: “You are waiting here, I’ll take a look.”

Ye Yan shook his head: “No, you might not understand it after you go, I’ll just go over it myself.”

Long Shiyan’s expression was cold, and after hearing Ye Yan’s words, he said in a deep voice, “I will accompany you.”

Long Shiyan is full of Yang Qi and Purple Qi, and even if there is anything that shouldn’t cause him much harm. Thinking about this, Ye Yan nodded: “Okay.”

The two walked to the side of the pit together, and there was no difference in the pit, so Ye Yan wanted to go down and take a look.

When he went down, Long Shiyan instantly grabbed his hand: “It seems a little scary, follow you to safety.”

Ye Yan took a look at Long Shiyan’s big hand, and did not object, and led him down.

The pit looks similar to the pits of other graves, no different.

Long Shiyan stood beside Ye Yan, his sharp eyes staring at the center of the hole: “Is there something in there?”

Ye Yan walked over, looked at something that was buried in the soil and exposed a little corner, and slowly reached out and picked it up.

The book bound with a gutter is very thick and the paper is good. I don’t know how long it has been buried underneath, but it hasn’t rotted.

Ye Yan opened it carefully, and then his expression became much more serious. It turned out to be the genealogy of the Ye family, and it was written in blood.

Buried the genealogy under the coffin, this is not easy for people who want the Ye Family.

Long Shiyan also leaned over, looked at Ye Yan’s turned genealogy, took a few glances, then followed through two pages, and then casually said: “The last generation Patriarch of the Ye family, there is no record?”

Ye Yan raised his eyebrows and immediately turned the page of the Patriarch to look at it. As expected, there was no name of the Patriarch of the previous generation.

Ye Yan seemed to have thought of something, and turned to the last page of the book. On it, the words “Blood Sacrifice” were extremely obvious.

There are rumors that: “It is difficult to have witchcraft, and blood is sacrificed for longevity.”

This should be the blood sacrifice in the legend, using the lives of the entire family to pay homage to the evil god for longevity.

This kind of thing, Ye Yan heard from the master. In the past, some people who practiced witchcraft used this method, but they only talked about longevity, so the final result of people who practiced witchcraft was not very good.

Either the sorcery did not succeed, the person was backlashed and died. Either the evil arts are finally formed, and those people become humans and ghosts, and become pests that harm the world, and eventually be executed by the heavenly master.

I heard that this sorcery has been lost. I don’t know how the previous Patriarch of the Ye Family got it, but this can also explain why his body is not here.

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