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Tag: Korean Drama

Scripting Your Destiny (2021) 당신의 운명을 쓰고 있습니다

Scripting Your Destiny (2021)Other Title: 당신의 운명을 쓰고 있습니다, Dangsinui Unmyeongeul Sseugoissseubnida, Writing Your Fate, Dangsineui Unmyeongeun Sseugo Issseubnida, Writing Your Destiny Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance, FantasyEpisodes: 10Country: South KoreaDirector:  Kim Byung […]

Recipe for Youth (2021) 청춘 레시피

Recipe for Youth (2021)Other Title: 청춘 레시피, Youth Recipe , Cheongchun Lesipi , Cheongchun Resipi Genres: Comedy, RomanceEpisodes: 10Country: South KoreaDirector: Writer: Network: Release Date: Mar 14, 2021Related Show: Cast: Moon Ga Young as Cha Soo Bin Kim […]

I Already Know (2021) 알고 있지만

I Already Know (2021)Other Title: 알고 있지만, Algo Issjiman, I Know But Genres: Romance, DramaEpisodes: 10Country: South KoreaDirector: Kim Ga RamWriter: Jung WonNetwork: jTBCRelease Date: Aug 20, 2021 – Sep 18, 2021Related Show: Cast: Song […]

Revolutionary Sisters (2021) 오케이 광자매

Revolutionary Sisters (2021)Other Title: 오케이 광자매, Pleasant Others, Pleasant People’s House, Someone Else’s Happy House, A Happy Other’s House, Ok Gwang Sisters, Okay Light Sisters, Ok Kwang Sisters, Jeulgeoun Naui Jib, […]

ON AIR: The Secret Contract (2021) 온에어: 비밀계약

ON AIR: The Secret Contract (2021)Other Title: 온에어: 비밀계약, on eeo bimilgyeyag Genres: drama, SitcomEpisodes: 16Country: South KoreaDirector: Writer: Network: vLiveRelease Date: Mar 20, 2021 – Apr 18, 2021Related Show: Cast: Sandara Park as Shin Woo Ri […]

Will You Leave? (2021) 가시리잇고

Will You Leave? (2021)Other Title: Are You Leaving, Gashiriitgo, Gashiri Itgo, Gasiliisgo, Gahiriitgo, Leave Me Not, Must You Go?, Gasiriisgo Genres: Music, Historical, Romance, FantasyEpisodes: 8Country: South KoreaDirector: Lim Jae Kyung Writer: Park Sun Jae, Eo […]

Joseon Exorcist (2021) 조선구마사

Joseon ExorcistOther Title: 조선구마사 / Joseon Gumasa Genres: Historical, SupernaturalEpisodes: 16Country: South KoreaDirector: Shin Kyung SooWriter: Park Kye OkNetwork: SBSRelease Date: March 22, 2021Related Show: Cast: Kam Woo Sung as Prince Yangnyeong Jang […]

Mister Robin (2021) 미스터 로빈

Mister RobinOther Title: 미스터 로빈 / Miseuteo Robin / 닥터 브레인 / Dakteo Beulein / Mr. Robin flirting Genres: Mystery, thriller, sci-fi, suspense, medicalEpisodes: 6Country: South KoreaDirector: Kim Ji Woon (김지운)Writer: Network: Apple TV+Release Date: 2021Related Show: Based […]

The Smell of Warmth (2021) 温暖的味道

The Smell of Warmth (2021)Other Title: 温暖的味道, 孙光明下乡记, Sun Guang Ming Xia Xiang Ji, Going Rural, Wen Nuan De Wei Dao Genres: dramaEpisodes: 30Country: ChinaDirector: Li Yun LiangWriter: Network: Tencent VideoRelease Date: Mar 13, 2021 –Related Show: Ma […]

Love Alarm Season 2 (2021) 좋아하면 울리는 시즌 2

Love Alarm Season 2Other Title: Joahamyun Woolrineun Seuszen 2, 좋아하면 울리는 시즌 2 Genres: drama, romanceEpisodes: 6Country: South KoreaDirector: Bora RyuWriter: Cheon Kye-Young (webcomic)Network: NetflixRelease Date: March 12, 2021Related Show: Based on webcomic “Joahamyun Woolrineun” by Cheon […]

Oh! Master (2021) 오! 주인님

Oh! MasterOther Title: Oh! Master, 오! 주인님, Oh! Jooinnim Genres: drama, romanceEpisodes: 16Country: South KoreaDirector: Hyun Sol-IpWriter: Jo Jin-KukNetwork: MBCRelease Date: March, 2021Related Show: Cast: Lee Min-Ki as Han Bi-Soo Nana as Oh Joo-In Kim Woo-Jin […]

You Make Me Dance (2021) 유메이크미댄스

You Make Me Dance (2021)Other Title: 유메이크미댄스, 유메이크미댄스, 너는나를춤추게한다 Genres: drama, RomanceEpisodes: 8Country: South KoreaDirector: So Joon MoonWriter: Network: VikiRelease Date: Feb 26, 2021 – Mar 19, 2021Related Show: Cast: Won Hyung Hoon as Jin Hong Seok Chu […]

Dear.M (2021) 디어엠

Dear.M (2021)Other Title: 디어엠, Dear M, Dear M. Love Playlist 2021, Love Playlist: Dear.M, Dieoem, Dieo.Em, 디어엠-연플리 Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life, School, Youth, DramaEpisodes: 12Country: South KoreaDirector: Park Jin Woo, Seo Joo WanWriter: Lee SeulNetwork: KBS2Release Date: Feb […]

Not Yet Thirty (2021) 아직 낫서른

Not Yet Thirty (2021)Other Title: 아직 낫서른, 85 Nyeonsaeng, Something about 30, Born in 85, Born in 1985, Born in 1990, ajik natseoreun, 85년생, How to be thirty, Still Not […]