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Tag: Korea Novel

Breakers (Novel)

Breakers (Novel)Other Name: 브레이커즈 Genre: novel, Action,Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Mystery,Psychological,SupernaturalCountry: KoreaAuthor: Chwiryong, 취룡Year: 2016Chapter:Related story: Summary:My name is Joo In-gong. The name that my parents gave me meant ‘protagonist’ of the world. […]

Artifact Reading Inspector (Novel)

유물 읽는 감정사 (Novel)Other Name: Artifact Reading Inspector Genre: novel, Fantasy, SupernaturalCountry: KoreaAuthor: 영완(映完)Year:Chapter: Chapter 210 (END)Related story: Summary:The antique market that is filled with treasures and trash and amongst […]

Apocalypse Hunter (Novel)

Apocalypse Hunter (Novel)Other Name: Hunter of the Ruined World / 멸망한 세계의 사냥꾼 / Hunter of the Destroyed World Genre: novel, Action,Adventure,Fantasy, Web NovelCountry: KoreaAuthor: 글쟁이SYear: 2017Chapter: 375 Chapters (complete)Related […]

12 Hours After (Novel)

12 Hours After (Novel)Other Name: 12시간뒤 Genre: novel, Action,Adventure, Korean Web NovelCountry: South KoreaAuthor: FromHell,프롬헬Year: 2018Chapter: Chapter 198 (END)Related story: Summary:A very ordinary white collar worker, Han Sang Hoon. One […]

Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon 던전에서 재능얻기 (Novel)

Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon 던전에서 재능얻기Other Name: 던전에서 재능얻기 Genre: novel, Tragedy, School Life, Comedy, Psychological, Adventure, Horror, Harem, Fantasy, Action, Martial ArtsCountry: SouthKoreaWriter: Mibantan, 미반탄Year: Episodes: 104 ChaptersRelated story: –  Summary:Talent, appearance, power.No matter how […]

Empire of the Ring (Novel)

Empire of the Ring (Novel)Other Name: 엠파이어 오브 더 링 Genre: novel, Action,FantasyCountry: South KoreaAuthor: 동쪽사람Year: 2017Chapter: 588Related story: Summary:Empire of the Ring is a Korean modern fantasy epic adventure […]

Nano Machine (Novel)

Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)Other Name: 나노 마신(喇勞 魔神) Genre: novel, Action,Fantasy,Martial Arts,Sci-fiCountry: South KoreaAuthor: 한중월야Year: 2017Chapter:Related story: Summary:Cursed his whole life with only misfortune and hardships, Cheon Yeo Woon, who […]