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Tag: History

William L. Shirer (1904-1993) Profile

American JournalistBorn: February 23, 1904, Chicago, Illinois, United StatesDied: December 28, 1993, Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesSpouse: Martha Pelton (m. 1972–1975), Theresa Stiberitz (m. 1931–1970), Irina Lugovskaya (m. ?–1993)Movies: The Magic […]

Valentine Story

The meaning of Valentine V is VERITY. Truth exists. You should give the truth to her or him. About how you are in reality Is there anything you can tell […]

Human Evolution

Humans originated millions of years ago. Initially, the nature and lifestyle were very different from today’s humans. Both in looking for food Use of technology And physical characteristics that all […]

March 07 in History

Year History: 664: Tang Sanzang , founder of Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty, passed away. Xuan Zang is one of the greatest in the history of Chinese Buddhism scriptures division, […]

John Snow Story

John Snow is the Father of Epidemiology. Cholera is an infectious disease that became a major threat to health during the 1800s. In the 1800s there were large epidemics of […]

Loi Krathong Festivel History Story

Loi Krathong Day is a Thai tradition that has been practiced since ancient times. Loi Krathong Festival starts from mid-11 to mid-12, which is the flood season. The water will […]

Buddha’s Biography History Story

“Buddhism” is our national religion. And how many people … who know the history of “Lord Buddha”, who is the “Master” of “Buddhism”. Today, the bowl is the story of […]

The tradition of Lent Candle Festival

The history of the candle procession tradition Before the reign of HRH Krom Luang Sappasitthiprasong Is a governor of Ubon Ubon people do not have a candle-casting procession like the […]

World War 1 History Story

War is one of the worst things humans have done to each other. Because whenever war occurs, it means the loss, damage and suffering of all parties. Regardless of which […]

World Heritage Sites Story and Detail

World Heritage Sites (France: Patrimoine Mondial) is a place that includes forests, monuments, buildings Including city Selected by UNESCO since 1972 to indicate the value of what humankind Or nature […]

Coffee Story

Coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans obtained from coffee trees. Popular hot drinks But can also be drunk cold Sometimes it is popular to add milk or cream […]

Jin Yong Personal Information

Jin Yong (March 10, 1924-October 30, 2018), formerly known as Cha Liangyong, was born in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, and moved to Hong Kong in 1948. Contemporary well-known martial arts novel […]

Tea Benefits

Tea Benefits It is said that drinking tea began in Asia. There are many legends about drinking tea for the first time. Some say that it began two thousand years […]

Ireland History Story

History of Ireland is the first human settlement in Ireland began around 8000 BC. When the horde of hunting-collecting societies began to travel from mainland Europe, probably by way of […]

Budapest History

Around the year 100 B.C the Romans settled in the area where now Buda (the oldest part of the city) is situated. They constructed the fortification of Aquincum. The Romans […]

Cyprus History

The present Cyprus (the Greek-Cypriote republic) is a rather young state. The island became an independent republic in 1960. Its situation close to Europe, Asia Minor and Africa makes it […]

Laos Groan Story

Lao Moan is an original Thai song with a Laos accent. There is a single verse, double beat rate. That is acknowledged as having a melodious sweet melody thatOne of […]

Juliam King Thong Profile

Juliam Kingthong or Juliam Mi Kaew, Mr. Nang Talung Nam Kradu throughout the southern region, was born in 1922 in Lang Suan District, Chumphon Province, graduated from Prathom 6, with […]

Pitching the Line Game Story

Toy Line is a fun game for many provinces in the past, around the years 1967-1987, where the children stand behind one line. And toy storylines Go out to draw […]

The Age of Primitive Creatures Story

Although geologists have divided time in the past in the world into three eras, but in Archeopteryx and Prosozoic era only small, low living organisms. And there is not much […]

Chiang Mai Zoo History in Thailand

Chiang Mai Zoo was established by Mr. Harold Mason Young, an American missionary who volunteered to teach forest survival guide to soldiers and policemen at borderland during Korean War (1950-1953). […]