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What are the separatist forces in the late Eastern Han Dynasty

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the empress dowagers such as Yan family, Liang family, and He family lacked the political talents and virtuous qualities of the Queen Mother of Deng. They either had excessive selfish desires or indecisive, which made the power of foreign relatives and eunuchs rampant in the court, and the government gradually declined. After the Han Lingdi came to the throne, he was obsessed with wine and used eunuchs, and finally broke out in the first year of Zhongping, which shocked the government and the opposition. During the crusade against the Yellow Turban Army, local tycoons emerged and seized the opportunity to segregate one side, thus forming a trend of separatist rule by the vassals of the late Han Dynasty. The Eastern Han Dynasty survived in name only until the arrival of the Three Kingdoms era.

Some warlords: Gongsundu, Liu Yu, Gongsun Zan, Yuan Shao, Cao Cao, Sun Ce, Yuan Shu, Liu Biao, Liu Yan, Zhang Lu, Tao Qian, Liu Bei, Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Li Chang, Ma Teng, Zhang Xiu, Shi Xie, Zang Hong , Zhang Miao, Wang Kuang, Zhang Yang, Liu Dai, Qiao Tao and other warlords.

Separatist situation

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the heroes came together. In the process of suppressing the Yellow Turban peasant uprising, the landlords of various regions took the opportunity to expand their power and occupy the territory, thus forming a separatist force. like:

Gongsundu, prefect of Liaodong. After his death, he was succeeded by his own Gongsun Kang. After the death of Gongsun Kang, his younger brother Gongsun Gong succeeded him. Gongsun Gonghou was taken the throne by Gongsun Yuan, the son of Gongsun Kang. It was later destroyed by Cao Rui, the third leader of the Cao Wei Group.

Liu Yu, Youzhou Mu. In 193, Liu Yu was killed by Gongsun Zan (in 199, Gongsun Zan was killed by Yuan Shao).

Liu Dai, Yanzhou Governor (killed by the Yellow Turban Army in 192).

Qiao Hao, prefect of East County (later killed by Liu Dai).

Yuan Shao, started as the prefect of Bohai, and later occupied Jizhou, Bingzhou, Qingzhou and Youzhou (except Liaodong County). After his death, his three sons were divided internally: Yuan Tan (Qingzhou Governor), Yuan Xi (Youzhou Governor), Yuan Shang (leading Jizhou), and his nephew Gaogan (Bingzhou Governor). From 200 to 207, Cao Cao wiped out San Yuan and Gao Gan through a seven-year war.

Cao Cao, first served as the prefect of East County, later became Yanzhou Mu, and later occupied Yanzhou, Xuzhou, Qingzhou, Bingzhou, Jizhou, Youzhou, Sizhou, and Liangzhou, laying the foundation for the Cao Wei regime.

Sun Ce, separated from Jiangdong, became the embryonic form of the later Sun Wu regime. After his death, he was succeeded by his younger brother Sun Quan.

Yuan Shu first seized Nanyang, and then occupied a part of Yangzhou (after he became emperor in Shouchun in 197, he was pursued by the trilateral forces of Cao Cao, Sun Ce, and Lu Bu, and died on the way to his brother Yuan Shao after his territory was occupied).

Liu Biao, Jingzhou Mu (In 208, Cao Cao led his army to conquer Jingzhou, during which time Liu Biao died. After his death, Jingzhou was divided by Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei).

Liu Yan, Yizhou Mu. After Liu Yan died, his son Liu Zhang took over (destroyed to Liu Bei in 214).

Zhang Lu, ruled Hanzhong County (destroyed by Cao Cao in 215).

Tao Qian, Xuzhou Mu. After his death, Liu Bei became the new Xuzhou herd, and then Lü Bu launched a coup to seize Xuzhou (Lü Bu was destroyed by Cao Cao in 199). After Cao Cao captured Xuzhou, Liu Bei was sent here to intercept Yuan Shu. After Liu Bei came to Xuzhou, he killed the Xuzhou Assassin Chariot appointed by Cao Cao and raised the anti-Cao flag, which was then quickly attacked by Cao Cao.

Dong Zhuo separates Si Li and Liangzhou area. After Dong Zhuo’s death, his group had no leader, so it split quickly. The old tribes of Dong Zhuo, such as Li Wei, Guo Bang, and Zhang Ji, all became warlords of the separatist side and fought against each other.

Liangzhou warlords such as Ma Teng and Han Sui segregated Xiliang and Guanzhong regions (in 211, Cao Cao led his army to put them down).

Shi Xie and his family separatized the Jiaozhou area (in 210, Sun Quan appointed Bu Xian as the governor of Jiaozhou and took over Jiaozhou).

Zhang Xiu, separatist Wan (surrendered to Cao Cao in 199).

Liu Du, prefect of Lingling (later destroyed by Liu Bei).

Kong Rong, Beihai Xiang (later destroyed by Yuan Tan).

Wang Kuang and Zhang Yang seized Hanoi County (later destroyed by Cao Cao).

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