Storm Eye 暴风眼 (2019)

Storm Eye (2019)Other Title: 暴风眼 / Bao Feng Yan Genres: Crime, SpyEpisodes: Country: China MainlandDirector: Writer: Liang Zhen Hua (梁振华)Network: Release Date: Related Show: Cast: Yang Mi as An Jing […]

Spirit Blade Mountain 灵剑山 (Manga)

Spirit Blade MountainOther Name: 灵剑山 (Chinese) 「Ling Jian Shan」; 霊剣山 (Japanese) 「Reikenzan」 Mt. Reiken ; Cong Qian You Zuo Ling Jian Shan (Manhua) ; There Was a Spiritual Sword Mountain; […]

Bepannah बेपनाह (2019)

Bepannah (2019)Other Title: Bepannah / Endless / รักซ้อนซ่อนรัก / बेपनाह Genres: Romance, Drama, MysteryEpisodes: 186Country: IndiaDirector: Aniruddha RajderkarWriter: Prakriti MukherjeeNetwork: Colors TVRelease Date: 19 March – 30 November 2018Related Show: […]

White Snake 白蛇传 (2019)

White Snake (2019)Other Title: 白蛇传 Genres: Costume, MythsEpisodes: 40Country: China MainlandDirector: Wang FangyunWriter: Network: Tencent videoRelease Date: July 27, 2019Related Show: The Legend of White Snake Cast: Synopsis:Introduction to the […]

Last One Standing 无主之城 Episode 2

Luo burning regardless of the danger to help Affi find the Zhihao Jiang snow strange action caused Luo burning doubt. In the supermarket. In order to avoid the bat group, […]

Spirit Realm (Novel)

Spirit Realm (Novel)Other Name: Ling Yu / Linh Vực / SR / 灵域 Genre: novel, Web Novel, Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mystery XuanhuanCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Ni Cang TianYear: […]

Spirit Realm 灵域 (2019)

Spirit Realm (2019)Other Title: 灵域 / Ling Yu Genres: Wuxia, FantasyEpisodes: 36Country: China MainlandDirector: Liang Guo Guan (梁国冠), Ma Hua Gan (马华干)Writer: Guo Bao Xian (郭宝贤)Network: iQiyiRelease Date: Related Show: […]

Soft Memory 别碰我心底的小柔软 (2019)

Soft Memory (2019)Other Title: 别碰我心底的小柔软 / Bie Pong Wo Xin Di De Xiao Rou Ruan Genres: Youth, RomanceEpisodes: 24Country: China MainlandDirector: Huang He (黄河), Zhang Yi Zhao (张艺昭)Writer: Li Qian […]

So Young 小夜曲 (2019)

So Young (2019)Other Title: 小夜曲 / Xiao Ye Qu Genres: Romance, Music, YouthEpisodes: 45Country: China MainlandDirector: Lin He Long (林合隆)Writer: Ni Jun (倪骏), Xu Pin (徐聃), Niu Niu (牛牛), Lan […]