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The Story of the Ever-Changing Golden Branch Manhua

The Story of the Ever-Changing Golden Branch, 百变金枝戏鲛记

Author(s): ok god culture
Artist(s): overhead
Genre(s): Fantasy, Manhua, Romance


Yu Bei, a Wudi actor, accidentally fell into the sea and fell into the realm of the mermen who are enemies of humans. In order to survive, she describes herself as a human princess. In order to meet the human emperor and negotiate a ban on marine slaughter, the merman prince, who has cut off diplomatic relations with the land for hundreds of years, held a sensational “kiss” wedding with the “human princess” Yu Cup.

He came to the land with Yu Bei, but he never imagined that after coming to the drastic human world, he fell into a deception that Yu Bei, who wanted to save his father’s tears, had no choice but to set up — together with his group acting friends. “Vertical shop” (Hengdian) staged an ancient princess play with chickens flying dogs…

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