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The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave

Alternative: I Don’t Want to Be Duke’s Adopted Daughter-In-Law / Adopted Daughter-in-law Is Preparing To Be Abandoned / 입양된 며느리는 파양을 준비합니다
Author(s): Chae Yuhwa / sunmoon
Artist(s): NYE
Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Full color, Manhwa, Romance, Shoujo
Type: Manhwa

Release: 2022
Status: Ongoing


The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave. Just like in the original novel, the male lead joined his adoptive father in the war. He was supposed to return from the battlefield with the female lead, so I carefully prepared for a divorce and made a lot of money so I can live by myself! But…
“Damian, did you come home alone? Did noone else come with you?”
“Someone else?” Upon hearing my question, Damian’s gaze suddenly sharpened.
“Ellie. are you looking for a man other than your husband?”
“That’s no good, I would probably kill that man out of jealousy.”
I looked over to my father-in-law for help.
“I also agree, Ellie. You shouldn’t betray your husband ever…”

She had possessed the body of the no. 1 villainess, who was terrible for tormenting the boy who entered the orphanage. ‘I thought I didn’t need to be involved.’ …But it’s annoying to see him keep being beaten by other children, so I took care of him a little.
“That kid next to me. That kid is also going to be adopted.”
“Am I going to be a foster daughter?”
“No. You are going to be my daughter-in-law.”
…So, I was adopted with the Male Lead. I can’t just do this? There’s a separate heroine!

The Male Lead went to war with his new father as scheduled. When he returns, he will be with the original heroine. I prepared for divorce and dismissal from the family step by step. In the meantime, I have earned a lot of money for myself!

“Damian, why are you back here alone? Where are the others?”
Damian’s eyes, who were always soft at my questions, quickly became sharp.
“It’s not right, Ellie. You’re looking for a man other than your husband.”
“No way. I’m so jealous, I might kill him.”
I looked at my father-in-law to ask for help.
“The same is true of my opinion, Ellie. Cheating on your husband is not allowed.”

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