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Hong Kong is aiming to end its hotel immigration detention in November

Yesterday, news came that Hong Kong was aiming to end its hotel immigration detention in November.

By Mr. John Lee, Chief Executive of Hong Kong It’s set to take place ahead of the major events in Hong Kong this November: the World Bankers Summit and Rugby Sevens.

There have also been objections from governments, such as from Hong Kong Health Minister Lo Chung-mau. who also want to increase disease control measures due to the higher number of COVID-19 cases Specifically, the number might hit 20,000 people a day this month.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong government said that in the government no one disagreed with the guidelines for detention at the hotel. The government will continue to adapt disease control measures to the development of the epidemic and scientific data analysis.

Realizing the need to connect with mainland China and other countries Reduce the inconvenience of travelers but wants to protect the well-being of the people especially the elderly and children. Final decision, Therefore, it depends on the number of daily covid infections. number of deaths and public awareness

In addition, Hong Kong has continued to relax measures to control the disease. Since coronavirus infections and deaths have skyrocketed in March, which is separate from mainland China that continues to focus on lockdown and strict quarantine to control the number of people infected with COVID to be close to zero.

By discussing the end of the detention is still standing. Although the likelihood of coronavirus cases in Hong Kong may hit 20,000 a day this month But Mr. John Lee has not added concrete measures to control the disease.

Hong Kong has yet to lift all disease control measures like its rival Singapore as the center of Asia. But it has reduced immigration quarantine from 21 days to the current three.

One of the factors that are pressing Hong Kong to lift its quarantine is the upcoming major global event in Hong Kong in November such as the World Bankers Summit The Hong Kong Monetary Authority invited top executives from the Main Bank of Wall Street to participate.

But there are still those who are reluctant to accept offers of quarantine exemptions. After criticizing the CEO of JP Morgan for that privilege last year or a Rugby Sevens match That was set up on 4-6 November, where the quarantine will affect the number of participants. This includes an international legal meeting to be held in November as well.

The ultimate aim of Hong Kong in the news said Ideally, it is to aim for zero coronavirus before opening borders. But the Chinese authorities have clearly realized that Hong Kong wants to open its borders Working under John Lee’s government has shown the urgency to create conditions to open borders as quickly as possible.

Mr. John Lee has an economic approach that aims to make Hong Kong a bridge connecting China with other countries. Upholding the words of Mr. Xi Jinping, who visited Hong Kong in July this past year. Make Hong Kong a center for finance, transport and trade.

In addition, the reversal of immigration detention will stimulate travel to mainland China After a meeting with Guangdong officials or in the factor of brain flow to competitor countries. But Mr. John Lee is also considering factors to protect the people and the public health system of Hong Kong.


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