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When will the TV series be finished “This Peace of Mind is My Hometown”?

The TV series “This Peace of Mind is My Hometown” 《此心安处是吾乡》was announced on July 25, 2022. “This Peace of Mind is My Hometown” is directed by the Publicity and Education Bureau of the Central Political and Legal Committee and the Political and Legal Comprehensive Management Information Center, jointly produced by the Political and Legal Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Fujian Provincial Radio and Television Bureau.

Film and television, produced by China Changan Publishing and Media Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Qijin (Xiamen) Culture Media Co., Ltd., directed by Li Shu, and starred by Ren Zhong, Liu Yijun, Yu Xiaowei, Li Zonghan, An Yuexi, Ding Yongdai, etc. A long-length major reality-themed political and legal drama.

The play tells the story of the builders of Ping An China, represented by Xiao Liming, who face the complex social contradictions, compete with various interest groups and protect the people in the risk and challenge of online fraud, investment explosion, corporate compliance and so on. story of peace and happiness.

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