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“Missed it, brother!” Michel Yeo sent a mocking message to Jackie Chan after the success of Everything Everywhere All at Once

Many people may not know that. The Daniels director duo originally wanted Jackie Chan as the lead role of Everything Everywhere All at Once , but Chan was busy. That forced them to find a replacement for Michelle Yeoh, who plays the character Evelyn Wang, who faces family troubles and the fate of the multiverse.

With the film’s success in both reviews and revenue. Most recently, You revealed during an interview with The Guardian that she texted Chan to mock him for missing out on the movie.

“Actually, Jackie texted me first, he said, ‘Wow, I heard your movie is amazing. You know the director came to see me in China too?’ And I replied, ‘I know, it’s a mistake, brother!’”

The movie is out today in cinemas.

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