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New Home Covenant: Seemingly harmless to humans and animals, wandering among three men, how terrifying is Song Xiaoyu

With the popularity of “A New Home Covenant”, the emotional line between Yang Guang and Chen Xi gradually emerged, and in the play, Song Xiaoyu’s various calculations, step by step to achieve his own class leap, can not help but sigh, the rank is too clever .


Yang Guang was born a “bad guy”. His master, Song Xiaoyu’s father, passed on his craft to Yang Guang in his early years, and then he started a small decoration company by himself, and the business was tepid. But by virtue of his willingness to work and his willingness to endure hardship, he donated the money he earned to Song Xiaoyu’s family without reservation: not only for Song Xiaoyu to finish college, but also for the family’s daily expenses, and even the family’s debts were repaid by him.

And Song Xiaoyu, after graduating from college, was bent on finding a decent job. Facing Yang Guang’s help, she is not only ungrateful, but even vain. In order to get what she wants, she only knows to ask for it blindly. Song Xiaoyu’s unscrupulous means, from the moment she appeared on the stage, used an excuse to send soup to Yang Guang, implying that the first clues were seen when she asked for money.

When Yang Guang said that Song Xiaoyu had just gone to work and wanted to transfer money to buy her some nice clothes, Song Xiaoyu said on the face that Yang Guang helped her finish university, help her family pay off her debts, and give her mother living expenses, and she could no longer ask for it. money. On the other hand, she turned around and took the money to buy herself a dress of more than 2,000 yuan.

The mother watched her daughter spend extravagantly, and told Song Xiaoyu that she should support each other with Yang Guang, and said that if she didn’t plan to be with Yang Guang, she couldn’t ask him for money every day. And Song Xiaoyu said shamelessly, the eldest brother is the father, Yang Guang is my brother, and the father is gone, so he doesn’t ask who he wants.

It can be seen that Song Xiaoyu has long been accustomed to asking Yang Guang indiscriminately, and this peace of mind also verifies that her three views are not right. Even if he knew that it was not easy for Yang Guang to make money, in order to be greedy for vanity, he still bought brand-name clothes without restraint.

In order to find a good job smoothly, Song Xiaoyu approached Cai Yunfeng at all costs, and even took the initiative to date him, just to give herself a better future. When she successfully entered the winner, Song Xiaoyu hinted to Yang Guang that she needed an entry-level bag, otherwise she would not be able to integrate into her colleagues. Although Yang Guang felt that more than 10,000 bags were too expensive, he still transferred money to Song Xiaoyu.

Song Xiaoyu did not directly buy a bag with the money at first, but used a play of hard-to-find tricks to catch Cai Yunfeng. She asked Cai Yunfeng to accompany her to the shopping mall to look at the bags. Cai Yunfeng was still worried that the progress was too fast, but he also accompanied Song Xiaoyu. When checking out, Cai Yunfeng thought about paying Song Xiaoyu, and asked the salesman how much the package was? The salesperson said that the package had been paid for, and the wily Cai Yunfeng frowned. He didn’t even understand what Song Xiaoyu was doing.

On the one hand, Song Xiaoyu caught Cai Yunfeng, making him unable to guess what he was thinking. She knew very well that with Cai Yunfeng’s position in the company, she had to rely on this big tree, so that Cai Yunfeng could take good care of her, and she could develop better in the company. According to Song Xiaoyu’s own words, she had to rely on Cai Yunfeng’s ladder to climb out of the pit.

On the other hand, she knew that there was no shortage of women around Cai Yunfeng. If she approached him like an ordinary girl and stuck her upside down, it would cause Cai Yunfeng’s disgust and feel that she was too sophisticated. And this play-by-play trick really made Cai Yunfeng express that he couldn’t understand it. The harder it is to get something, the more it will attract the attention of the other party. It has to be said that Song Xiaoyu is good at grasping the weaknesses of human nature to achieve his goals, and his methods can be called brilliant.


Song Xiaoyu is the kind of girl who is impure in her thoughts and does everything she can to achieve her goals. She has always wanted to change the status quo through marriage, which is also the fastest way to change in her opinion. Because she has a heart and will calculate. Therefore, when Song Xiaoyu met Cai Yunfeng, the winning executive, he used his own advantages to approach him and take every step of the way.

Those women who are full of calculations and have clear goals for marriage are often more likely to get what they want. So much so that when Song Xiaoyu thought that Jing Yuheng had plans for her, she clearly refused:

This is Song Xiaoyu who is sober in the world, an ambitious and beautiful woman who knows exactly what kind of life she wants to pursue. She uses marriage to cross the class, and she also has the freedom to pursue her dreams. It’s just that Song Xiaoyu is not Chen Xi. She has a wealthy family background and extraordinary talent. She can only use these small means to give herself more room for improvement to change her destiny.

In fact, just like a tree, the more a person yearns for the sunshine at a high place, the more its roots extend to the dark ground. At this moment, Song Xiaoyu, she would not think about working hard step by step, because she wanted to live a “superior” life so much that she lost herself and didn’t know it.

Song Xiaoyu was diligent in order to catch up with the wealthy and status Cai Yunfeng, but missed the real “Prince” Jing Yuheng. Perhaps knowing that missing such a character, Song Xiaoyu’s bowels will be regretful.

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