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Vietnam unveils the world’s longest glass bridge

Vietnam unveils the world’s longest glass bridge. In the northwest of Son La Province, the bridge, named Bach Long (Bach Long), is 632 meters long. The bridge sits between the forested valleys of Moc Chau, west of Hanoi. It opened for tourists to visit since April 29th.

Bach Long is the name of the bridge. means white dragon Reflected through a bright white metal bridge object anchored on a clear glass surface. It has a height of about 150 meters from the ground and can accommodate 450 people at a time.

The glass floor is made of tempered glass. It is a type of safety glass produced by the company Saint-Gobain from France. The surrounding view from this glass bridge is surrounded by mountains and valleys. The bridge is currently being recorded in Guinness World Records as the longest bridge in the world. Smashed every record ever made.

For the cost of sightseeing for adults is 6.5 hundred thousand, or about 964 baht, for children, 4.5 hundred thousand, or about 668 baht, for children under 1 meter in height free of charge. If you want to visit on weekdays, there is a discount of about 150 baht. Traveling to the bridge in the first three days attracted almost 15,000 tourists.

Vietnam’s Bach Long Bridge Long breaks the record that China has ever done. It is a glass-like bridge with a length of 526 meters located in Huangchuan Three Gorges, Guangdong, southern China. Launched in September 2020, it is about 201 meters above the river floor and can accommodate 500 people.

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