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Huang Zitao and Song Zuer starred in “Don’t Fall in Love with the Boss”, adapted from Jinjiang’s novel

Legally Romance (2022) – Don’t Fall in Love with the Boss (才不要和老板谈恋爱)

Beijing News On July 13, the TV series “Don’t Fall in Love with the Boss” announced the starring lineup and released a makeup poster. The play is adapted from a novel written by the popular Jinjiang writer Ye Feiran, starring Huang Zitao and Song Zuer, and tells the story of Lu Xun (Huang Zitao) employee Qian Wei (Song Zuer) who accidentally returned to 18 when his career was blocked at the age of 28 , met the boss again, leaped from the workplace to the campus, and then returned to the workplace, making great progress all the way, pursuing a growth story of career and love.

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