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TSE rebounded sharply, closing price rose 972 yen

Monitor showing the Nikkei Stock Average whose increase temporarily exceeded 1000 yen = 10th afternoon, Higashi-Shimbashi, Tokyo

The Nikkei Stock Average (225 types) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 10th rebounded sharply. The closing price was 25,690.40 yen, an increase of 972.87 yen from the previous day, the largest increase since June 16, 2020 (up 1051 yen).

The price increase is the first in 5 business days. The soaring crude oil futures market, which continued due to the worsening crisis in Ukraine, once subsided, and concerns about the economic slowdown receded and the price rose overall. In some cases, the amount of increase exceeded 1000 yen.

The Tokyo Stock Price Index (TOPIX) is 1830.03, up 71.14 points. The trading volume is about 1,504 million shares.

The average stock price had fallen by more than 1850 yen in 4 business days until the 9th, but remained in the positive range on the 10th.

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