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How to identify jadeite?

How to identify jadeite?, only need to remember “three musts and three nots”, and no longer be fooled easily.

Jade jewelry has an antique charm and has been liked by more people. Not only women’s accessories, but also a boutique in the hands of collectors. Emerald can be worn by men or women. The emerald green finger, with luxury and atmosphere, is quite imperial. The translucent bracelet, like a classic that has been passed down for thousands of years, is even more memorable.

Gold is valuable and jade is priceless. Jadeite has a green color, translucent and delicate texture, and more and more people like it. In this peaceful age, more and more people like to collect. As a collection, jadeite can also be passed on from generation to generation, which is a good choice. So many people only know a little about jade. How can they choose the suitability of jade without being deceived? Some little knowledge to identify jadeite is used.

How to identify jadeite? In fact, we still need to look at three aspects. Regardless of the variety of jadeite styles, we only need to remember the identification knowledge among them to choose the top-grade jadeite. When buying jade, you must remember the three musts and three nots so that you will not be fooled easily. Let’s take a look.

1. Test the hardness of jadeite.

The hardness of jadeite is very high, and it will not produce scratches when colliding with ordinary hard objects. For example, we can use a knife to scratch the surface of jadeite. The real jadeite will not produce scratches because of its high hardness. And if it is a fake jade, it’s hard to tell. Seeing the traces of the knife, it proves that this is not a real jade, and it is very easy to judge .

2. Tap the jade lightly, the real jade sound is crisp and sweet.

Maybe we are not so sensitive to rhythm, but it is easy to judge if we only listen to the dull or crisp sound. Because jadeite has a delicate texture, it will make a crisp and pleasant sound if you tap it lightly. But if it is a fake emerald, the sound will be relatively dull, and there will be no crisp and sweet feeling.

3. Observe the color of jade, real jade is naturally soft and beautiful.

This is still relatively difficult to judge, as various color of jade there are differences, in fact here that was not the depth of color, but the color of the one already presented. After all, real jade has been washed over the years, and has a more natural and soft beauty. Most fake jadeites are artificially synthesized, so the color will have a coquettish and frivolous feeling, without the beauty of introverted ancient charm.

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