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How to wear a long coat with a sense of fashion?

How to choose the right coat after winter?

First of all, I recommend that you buy yourself a fashionable long coat and wear it elegantly and decently. In the following article, I will teach you some long coat matching skills, and share them and hope to provide you with some help. Easily wear out the goddess fan.

Since it’s winter, we should pay attention to the color when choosing coats. Most people like black, white and gray this season, but if you want to wear a fashion sense, I suggest you try more popular colors, such as the following A pink coat will look more fashionable than ordinary black and white, and this matte color is conducive to age reduction and tenderness, making your skin look fairer.

Not only that, but the style of this pink coat is also quite self-cultivating, but it will not be a very tight fit. The effect of wearing it on the body to cover the flesh and slimming is particularly obvious. Wearing boots under our feet can help us stretch our pairs. The proportion of the legs makes it easy for you to have long legs.

Sisters who are afraid of the cold can go with a scarf when they wear a coat. Like this blogger, she also combined a fashionable scarf to form a concave shape, which can interpret the gentle side and can be used as an accessory to embellish her wear. Become very fashionable.

When choosing a coat, it is recommended that you all try light colors. The beige coat below is also very gentle. Although it is not black and thin, it will look a lot younger when worn on the body. And this beige coat It can also bring out fair skin when worn on the body. Make your state better.

Of course, this beige coat is also combined with a beige scarf. This matching method of the same color looks very harmonious and can also meet our needs for slimming. If you are a fat girl, you can think about it. This kind of outfit of the same color can avoid matching mistakes and ensure a sense of coordination.

Wearing a long coat can actually be paired with boots, like the boots below, it looks very powerful. This pair of brown short boots and beige coat can also form a connection, without showing legs, but it looks very energetic, and there is no need to worry about the temperature.

You can also match a half-length skirt on the lower body of the coat. The pleated half-length skirt like the one below is very romantic when worn on the body, and the matching of this long skirt is also helpful for us to cover the defects of our legs, if it’s a girl with a pear-shaped body, you can think about it.

I wear small white leather shoes under my feet. Flat-bottomed leather shoes are more comfortable. They can also meet our needs for being thin and tall. White is a relatively refreshing color. It will not feel bloated when combined with this coat. It is suitable for everyday life. Outfit.

The classic black coat must be indispensable every year. No matter how the times develop, the black coat has a very strong sense of existence, and it has a very thin effect. No matter what kind of body you are, you can immediately wear it. Were ten catties thinner? The following blogger chose a black coat, which is also quite slim, so it can avoid bloatedness and can still be controlled by a small person.

This coat is equipped with a belt around the waist. The slender belt can reflect her waistline, thus satisfying the need for slimming. The blessing of the belt is also an accessory that can embellish this collocation. Coupled with the concave shape of the red plaid scarf, it is full of vitality and bright spots.

The black coat is matched with a white bottoming shirt, which has a strong sense of hierarchy. This classic black and white match highlights the sense of fashion, and then wears tight jeans on the lower body, which can show the wearer’s good figure and get the proportion of the body. Adjusted, it looks very tall.

Of course, boots are still indispensable, like these boots look very elegant when worn on the lower body, brown can also form a certain echo with black, which looks intellectual and elegant. Brown boots are relatively more suitable for daily wear, if you want to look young, you can also try other colors.

This article introduces you all kinds of long coats and dressing skills. Use these fashionable skills to meet our needs for being thin and tall. You can learn it in your daily life, and it will definitely become more beautiful.

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