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Finance and Banking

In today’s business world Competition is inevitable. Many new businesses have emerged. including the rise and rapid development of technology. As a result, both the organization and its personnel have to adapt and gather knowledge to be up-to-date in order to create opportunities and competitive advantages. However, financial knowledge is something that can develop the organization and generate profits for the organization, entrepreneurs or even ourselves.

financial management Whether in the business sector, saving, investment, risk management Managing various debt problems It is considered important in modern times. Adequate financial knowledge can provide you with immunity to debt management as well as opportunities for growth. There are options and data available for analysis. Know how to manage corporate funds or even manage our own money. Adequate financial literacy will also have a positive effect on the overall economy of the country.

Therefore, the MBA Finance and Banking program is intended for those who are interested. Learned about finance and banking to be used to improve the selection of work and support the expansion of the business by covering all aspects of the financial sector It will enable graduates to apply their knowledge and experience in a wide range of applications in management under complex environments. and rapidly changing the present efficiency.

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